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  • Gigi

    Lately I’ve been so bored with Chanel, but these are gorgeous!

    • ButDoctorIHatePink

      Oh my! I find them stunning. I’ve always loved the iridescents and it’s lovely on those Boys. The top handle are gorgeous too, and I’m glad they are mixing metals. I even like the tweed which is not usually my favorite. Not too fond of the see-through bag and I hope that doesn’t become a trend again. The rest are on point. I don’t have play money but if I did, I’d get a light up bag. They will not hold up well to time, I’m afraid, unless one is extremely careful. Battery acid and bags doesn’t sound like a great combo!

  • Sandy

    While I am not in the market for a light up bag, it is interesting. I like many of the others. The classics with the caviar leather but not quilted, I like the look. I love the little camera bag. What do you think of the Gabrielle Hobo??? I kinda of like it but will wait to see what it does in the market.

  • bir

    i hope they make number 47 in beige and black…… such a useful bag……

  • Ping Yan

    Really? Am I too ordinary to understand these high end fashion brand?

    • MissDemeanor

      If it’s not your thing it’s not your thing. Nothing to do with being “ordinary”. ??

  • Baltimore Bag Lady

    You know, when you see upwards of 92 handbags for a season, that brand becomes non-exclusive. They do have a very exclusive price range and seasonal schtick. But schtick, like LED bags, is just a bit too much. Too expensive, and I suspect, too available. Very many handbags and too many choices will drive Chanel fans to other truly exclusive designers.

  • Bettina Barker

    I wish the pink flap was quilted ???

  • MissDemeanor

    They aren’t very summery. I’ve been waiting to get a nice light colour for a while now and they’re still too dark.

  • crescent

    what would happen if the LED batteries ran out?

  • Vicky

    I like the look of the non-quilted cavier flap.

  • so in love with the mini flap & all the iredescent bags ???

  • mary

    are the LED bags require “Chanel” batteries or regular batteries will do. Asking for a friend

  • Sparky

    LOVE LOVE the non quilted 11 & 12. I wish they’d do more non quilted (they did a few non quilted reissues a few seasons ago). Chanel is such a powerhouse they don’t need to quilt EVERYTHING to maintain the brand. Shape and hardware are enough.

  • Jewish Chick

    I’m OBSESSED with fanny packs (don’t ask) and am drooling over the silver one!

  • ita darling

    Those clutches with the O ring look like Business Class amenity bags.. they are heinous. I do like the Gabrielle line, shoppers, hobos, and buckets

  • Daria

    60% of these are hideous

    • Tin Ton

      Totally agree. It like school projects and they looks so cheap and can’t see any quality elements at all. Yet again over price and silly to spend money for the name rather than true quality. Crazy indeed.

  • Aileen Diaz

    So many beautiful bags in this collection.

  • A_H

    omg the pvc’s!!! and the adorable mini’s!!!

  • Lala

    #67 be still my beating heart. And am loving the Gabrielles’ especially the Chanel Gabrielle Python Purse. The LED things is a bit too much of a fad thing for me. Theres a few beauties in there.