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A Chanel Price Increase on Timeless Classics Hits November 1st, 2018

We'd suggest you run to your local boutique and purchase before this increase hits

This isn’t a trick nor a treat, another major Chanel price increase will go into effect November 1st. There have been rumblings of yet another Chanel price increase on our forum for a while now, and let me tell you something – the ladies and gents on our forum are almost always right. Chanel price increases are notorious at this point, creating drama and chaos amongst shoppers who want to purchase an item before the price hike hits. This is coupled with outrage over the insanity of how quickly prices have grown. There is a lot of frustration that comes with it too, as shoppers believe they should be receiving better quality items to coincide with the price increase, but there are talks of quality issues which turn some shoppers away. Truth is, no matter how much people complain, it doesn’t seem to change the route Chanel is taking as the price increase are happening often and are substantial.

If you have your eye on a timeless classic including Boy Chanel and the Chanel 2.55 Bag, you may want to run to the store today and tomorrow before the price increase hits on November 1st. There have been conflicting reports, as the Chanel website started to change prices around October 18th, but the word is old prices are being honored until the new prices take effect on November 1st.

Earlier this month Chanel quietly increased some of its Minis and Small Leather Goods like card holders. I’ll work on compiling a list of those changes as well.

What does this increase look like? We’re looking at between just under 4% for a Chanel New Medium Boy Bag to a whooping 19% for a Classic WoC.

For a proper cringe, read about people reminiscing when they purchased their Chanel Medium Classic Flap for $2,850 in 2010. Ouch.

Classic Flap Price Increase

  New Price Old Price Increase
Chanel Small Classic Flap Bag $5,000 $4,700 6.4%
Chanel Medium Classic Flap Bag $5,600 $5,300 5.7%
Chanel Jumbo Classic Flap Bag $6,200 $5,900 5.1%
Chanel Maxi Classic Flap Bag $6,700 $6,400 4.7%

Chanel Boy Bag Increase

  New Price Old Price Increase
Chanel Small Boy Bag $4,500 $4,300 4.7%
Chanel Medium Boy Bag $4,900 $4,700 4.3%
Chanel Large Boy Bag $5,400 $5,200 3.8%

Additional Price Increases

  New Price Old Price Increase
Chanel Mini Flap Bag $3,500 $3,300 6.1%
Chanel Reissue 2.55 Bag $5,600 $5,300 5.7%
Chanel Large Reissue 2.55 Bag $6,200 $5,900 5.1%
Chanel Maxi Reissue 2.55 Bag $6,700 $6,400 4.7%
Chanel Classic Wallet-On-Chain $2,500 $2,100 19.0%
Chanel Boy Wallet-On-Chain $2,500 $2,400 4.2%


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  1. Sparky Avatar


  2. Mizantrop Avatar

    Chanel maybe a classic but they will never see my money. Inflating those prices so often is truly an a**hole move!

  3. Timothy Avatar

    Quality goes down but price goes up….

  4. Marcy697 Avatar

    100% increase over 8 years…shameful

  5. Aliza Zibkoff Avatar
    Aliza Zibkoff

    Cha Ching! Or so they think. I think after a while clients are just gonna get sick of this and run for the hills or Fendi.

    1. Avatar

      Most of their shoppers are the “public” /non-celebs. I’m not sure if Chanel will stop the increases with loyalty diminishing. That is what they want… right? I doubt they’re getting much money from celebs; they’re gifted things ALL the time.

      I remember seeing Rihanna attend an event and Karl sent here a red CF mini with a hand-written note. I doubt she’s ever worn it- everyone wants her to carry their bags. I’ve never seen her in/carrying Chanel.

  6. Madi K Avatar
    Madi K

    This is why I will only ever buy Chanel on the preloved market. Chances to find bags at a better price are a lot higher.

    1. Cait Avatar

      +1. I got a classic flap for 1/2 the new price and the caviar leather is so much nicer than what you see now.

  7. seattleminimalist Avatar

    They’re pricing their items as if they’re Hermès quality. But they also won’t service their bags after 5 years? It’s not worth paying large quantities of money when they won’t service a bag that’s over 5 years old.

    1. Avatar

      I’ve read on PF that some SA’s have told shoppers they’re being “picky” when reporting quality issues.

      1. seattleminimalist Avatar

        How is reporting quality issues being picky, though? (Rhetorical question)

        Even the wealthy would complain about quality issues if they had to buy the bag. The wealthy worked hard for their money and I’d assume they want the highest quality for what they paid for.

      2. Jen Avatar

        Cant agree more! I wonder if there’d be vintage chanel from our era to be passed on. Hermes quality is on par and LV quality is worth its price. Whilst Chanel, we have to treat it as such fragile items. Dior’s even doing a lot better

      3. Avatar


    2. Tee Avatar

      Agreed. I’ve purchased a Birkin, classic flap and boy bag. While Chanel bags resale for close to what you’ve paid for it, a Birkin will double. The quality of Hermes is far better than a Chanel IMHO. Given Chanel’s frequent price increases, their classic bags are closing in on a price of a Birkin 25/30 (purchased at their FSH store, not resale). Last year, I bought a Birkin 35 for $8000 and recently sold it for $16k. Chanel’s quality and price of their bags isn’t worth what they are charging.

    3. huyen anh pizzabella Avatar
      huyen anh pizzabella

      Agree Hermes took care of my vintage Constance even it was 28 years old (no receipt or anything) ..

      1. seattleminimalist Avatar

        And this is why Hermes is better even though their prices are much much higher because in the end, the bags pay for themselves with proper care, maintenance, and repairs. I don’t really understand the popularity behind Chanel especially when they refuse to repair/service bags that are over 5 years old.

        It seems to imply that Chanel bags will only last 5 years and are meant to be discarded, unlike Hermes, which is meant to be enjoyed for the whole lifetime of the owner and perhaps their descendants.

  8. handbagcrunch Avatar

    I don’t like the price increases…but if you can comfortably afford a $5300 handbag, $5600 shouldn’t be much of a stretch… I’m sure that’s Chanel’s philosophy.

    1. Avatar

      Even if a shopper is comfortable with a 3-19% increase, they deserve quality and service.

      1. Donna Warder Avatar
        Donna Warder

        Tell me about it. When they stopped refurbishing older bags, I was through. They admitted to me that sometimes the color peels off of their brightly-colored bags, but had the nerve to charge me $350 to repair peeling at the corners of my orange GST – for the second time in 3 years!

  9. Audrey K Avatar
    Audrey K

    This is CRAZY!!!! I feel like they literally just had an increase in December of last year. I don’t understand where they get off. Are their bags really this in demand across the board? I find this just so hard to believe. The other troubling thing about this is that in the recent past my Celine SA told me that their price increases were promoted in order to stay competitive with brands like Chanel… if Chanel is setting the standard is this what we can expect to see in the future by other designers who want to be considered the same caliber?

    1. Cheryl Fox Avatar
      Cheryl Fox

      I didn’t think about that! How truly depressing! Well then….let’s all start supporting new designers, with their fresh ideas. Also, there are too many design houses offering chain bags today, which makes Chanel look less special now, than 10-20 yrs. ago. Gucci has been giving them a real run for their money! I remember when Chanel was the only chain bag out there.

  10. Sandy Avatar

    I love Chanel but I don’t love the price increase.

  11. Yoshi1296 Avatar

    This is insane. Better off going to hermes where you get unmatched quality for the same price.

  12. psny15 Avatar

    ridiculous! I’m glad I’ve pushed everything pre 2011

  13. Jerri R Avatar
    Jerri R

    So now that it is obvious that Chanel has cut spending on quality control, where is all the money going? While consumers like us pay through the nose, a number of celebrities are showered with freebies and trips to fashion weeks in the name of marketing, and Emperor Karl’s fashion shows are getting more and more extravagant…

    1. TSH Avatar

      Well the mother ship is taking back all of the boutiques (dept stores etc) so no complicated buys and streamlined product menu. Employee comp has gone down (1.5% commission from 5% 2 years ago, dept store SA are/ were more) and Karl is 86. Released their first earnings report to the public this year, and they are now I think #3 for mass producing luxury bags in number behind LV and Gucci maybe? Quality down, imported cheap labor into Italy (not Italians). Sooooo, gearing up for a sale or merge?

      1. M Green Avatar
        M Green

        Italy is no lawless. Even if the manufacturer employs immigrants, they have to be paid and receive the same benefits as Italian citizens. Unless, of course, you are suggesting that Chanel hires illegal immigrants. Also, your post implies that immigrant workers produce lower quality… that’s offensive and false.

      2. TSH Avatar

        Incorrect. Chanel implies generational Italian artisans are what denotes the premium associated with their quality, and that their bags have some handmade element, which they do not. They pay minimum by law but no more. The senior “artisans” they’ve imported make about $12 an hour, and many have gone back to China where they can make higher wage. Cheap labor doesn’t mean illegal. That’s offensive and false. Back down with your overstretched assumptions, this information is easily accessible to anyone who wants to study the brand.

      3. M Green Avatar
        M Green

        I’m sorry you’re mad I called you out on your racist and xenophobic comments about foreign workers.

      4. TSH Avatar

        So I am only passing along factual information. Are you calling Chanel racist and xenophobic? Oh that’s right! Some of Karl’s quotes… and in case you didn’t want to do some homework from your moms basement here is one of many articles on the subject..

      5. M Green Avatar
        M Green

        No… I am not calling Chanel anything… just referring to the way you framed your original comment to my post. You can try to distract all you want: you’ve been spotted for what you are. Also, thanks for sharing this article that we have all read on the forum before. You just need to sharpen your critical thinking skills a bit. Good luck to you!

      6. hautemess Avatar

        It must be a big job being the token troll on TPF. Your keyboard warrior vitriol must give you a pretend sense of significance and excuse to not participate in actual society, but taking just a few hours a day to get out and serve your community might give you an actual sense of purpose instead of projectile vomiting your misdirected anger towards unassuming handbag lovers.

      7. M Green Avatar
        M Green

        Haha – thanks for your input.

      8. Cheryl Fox Avatar
        Cheryl Fox

        Hey guys! Let’s all not make the worst assumptions on a person’s character based on 1 comment. Everyone just needs to chill. Can we try being more tolerant, & beliving the BEST in someone, for a change! Seriously! Can everyone just stop judging each other all the time, jumping to unfounded conclusions? This is a purse blog. Let’s talk about Chanel.

      9. TKS Avatar

        Thank you. Sometimes it’s insane on here. Handbags to racist in one comment? Madness. I will never get it either.

      10. M Green Avatar
        M Green

        Also: my “moms basement” ??
        First, learn how to properly use the possessive form in English. Secondly, no need for your lame insults. That doesn’t contribute anything to the conversation and makes you look terrible.

    2. Maya Avatar

      “where is all the money going?”….shareholders, welcome to the wonderful world of finance:) Quality is the least of their concerns but in the end, a bad bet because people will start to pull away, you can hit someone on the head so many times before he/she gets sick of it…

      1. Greg Richards Avatar
        Greg Richards

        Chanel doesn’t have shareholders. The Wertheimer brothers own Chanel 100% and are multi-billionaires.

      2. Maya Avatar

        You are absolutely right, I had the other conglomerates in mind. Still, I am suspecting the mechanisms are the same, squeezing production prices to increase returns, which is even more so puzzling to me taking the lowering of quality and customer service standards into account.

    3. ?4ladyfox Avatar

      I was thinking the same things! I think this whole showering of celebs with freebies is outrageous! Karl’s over-the-top shows have set off a competition, now, to see which designer can outdo the other! I think we, the lowly paying customers, are funding these outrages, through obscene price hikes! Greed, on steroids! The rampant off-shoring of American (& European) companies for decades, have created unheard of wealth (at our expense) in countries like China, who’s nouveau- riché have been in a buying frenzy for these luxury goods for some time, now. Supply & Demand. Maybe we just aren’t realizing how much our ability to afford these prices has been shrinking, while the rest of the world’s ability has been expanding! But I’m not a world economist. Maybe someone else knows?

  14. Maya Avatar

    Groundhog Day….careful Chanel, people are getting boooored!! What will happen when only 10% of the market can afford your bags and that same 10% already has all your bags??!!

    1. ShakerGirl37 Avatar

      Great comment. Seriously. Spot on.

    2. Amazona Avatar

      And even; what about when the 10% get bored of the constant price hikes and quality issues?

  15. TSH Avatar

    the reissues are already at those prices, they will be going up MORE. The 225 is 5300 right now, going to 5600. The 226 is 5900, going to 6200. The 227 is at 6400, and will be going to 6700. The reissues are never out of sync with the classics in price, at least they have not been for quite some time. small cf = 224 2.55. m/l cf = 225 2.55. jumbo cf = 226 2.55. maxi cf = 227 2.55. So these prices above are actually incorrect for the 2.55’s. The reissues increased last year with the cf’s by the same $$. Believe me, it’s been a reissue year for me, I WISH these had been the prices.

    1. Vlad Dusil Avatar
      Vlad Dusil

      Thank you for the info, I have updated the tables to reflect the correct pricing.

  16. Donna Warder Avatar
    Donna Warder

    When you’re spending that much on a handbag, a $300 increase isn’t really going to make that much of a difference. I like to save money like everyone else, but if $300 determines whether I can purchase it or not, then I shouldn’t be buying it.

    1. Robert Goode Avatar
      Robert Goode

      It’s the principal of the matter: They increased prices barely a year ago, and here they are doing so again with no increase in quality. In fact, the Chanel subforum points to quality *declining*

      1. M Green Avatar
        M Green

        That’s every handbag subforum actually.

      2. Darietta Avatar

        Shah spot on!

      3. Amazona Avatar

        One where quality issues aren’t an ongoing topic is the Longchamp subforum. But then LC is a family owned business that doesn’t want to be Chanel. And that’s why my money goes to companies like LC – they are proud of their heritage, do their own thing and understand that overdoing things isn’t a smart move in the long run.

    2. Polkadotbird Avatar

      I think it’s more the cumulative effect. It’s much easier to afford $2,850 (the price of the medium classic flap in 2010) than $5,600 (the price for the same bag today). That is a 96% increase in eight years.

  17. M Green Avatar
    M Green

    Most of the comments on here are ridiculous. If a few hundred dollars is a deal breaker, maybe you shouldn’t buy a $6000 handbag!

    1. seattleminimalist Avatar

      The complaints and belly-aching for some is associated more with the decline of quality while prices keep going up.

      Even the wealthy would want to have a high quality handbag with the expectation that their bag will be serviced/repaired. However, Chanel won’t service a bag that’s over 5 years old and that’s a deal breaker for a lot of people.

      1. M Green Avatar
        M Green

        I totally agree with you on that point!

    2. TSH Avatar

      So clearly you have a closet full of 6k handbags with your expertise in how people should think, so as an expert and consumer of such items, what would be YOUR ceiling to pay for a Chanel bag?

      1. M Green Avatar
        M Green

        Every single time there is a price increase, everyone is outraged and vows to never buy Chanel anymore. People predict the collapse of Chanel as clients will stop buying their bags because the prices are too high and the quality is too low… But guess what? Chanel continues to thrive.

        Since you asked, I am not a Chanel client. I prefer Hermès and, despite their outrageous and repeated price increases, I still buy and enjoy their bags. We all have different budgets for these frivolous purchases. I understand that many people are frustrated because they are getting priced-out… maybe that’s where all that anger comes from?

      2. hautemess Avatar

        Yes! Clearly you are a Hermes client. They must love you over there.

      3. M Green Avatar
        M Green

        When I get home, I ll take pictures of my bags.

      4. TSH Avatar

        So then you’re describing yourself here in regards to being a hermes client?

      5. TheCityGirl Avatar

        No, it’s not where the “anger” comes from. And your comments and presumptions are gross. People have every right to be insulted the audacity of a company increasing prices when their quality has so drastically decreased. Signed – someone who has more Hermes than you do, judging by your photos (since that’s the metric that seems to matter to YOU).

      6. M Green Avatar
        M Green

        What comment or presumption is gross? All I did is defend immigrant workers that are shamelessly attacked by others.

    3. TheCityGirl Avatar

      M. Green, you’ve completely missed the point.

      1. M Green Avatar
        M Green

        Ah. Ok. Thanks. What’s the point I missed? Please enlighten me.

      2. pursegirlinLA Avatar

        Clearly you are not contributing to the conversation in a way that anyone finds helpful or interesting. Please take your rude comments elsewhere.

      3. M Green Avatar
        M Green

        Thanks for your feedback pursegirlinLA.

      4. TheCityGirl Avatar

        The point is not that people can’t afford the bags now. That’s not what the comments are saying.

        The point is that while Chanel is increasing prices at a frequent interval, there is a NEGATIVE correlation to quality. One would expect the opposite, but in fact Chanel bags are now beset by consistent quilting/chevron misalignment, uneven flaps, hardware tarnishing in months, CCs that are not centered, leather of lower quality, and other quality control issues. You can even see this a number of times in the posts on this site about new styles available, and that’s with samples Chanel chose to photograph! The relationship between higher prices and the frankly shoddy craftsmanship one finds now is what’s so dismaying to people.

      5. M Green Avatar
        M Green

        Let’s keep in mind that TPF and PF are microcosms. Clearly, the majority of Chanel clients don’t seem bothered by the supposed “quality decrease”. At least, Chanel is not struggling to sell their bags. And I assume (maybe naively) that Chanel’s move is part of a long-term strategy to ensure a healthy future for the house. Interesting discussion though.

      6. L Jay Avatar
        L Jay

        There was a time that owning multiple Chanel bags was doable even if you weren’t in the top 10%. Now, not so much. I remember reading for years how many young women were saving up to buy a Classic Flap and each time they thought they had enough, the price went up. I don’t think Karl is playing to the crowd that has to save and save and save for a bag but those who come in and purchase 10 bags at a pop without blinking (a site to behold, let me tell you). Not knowing how the bags USED to be (remember the old Caviar vs the new Caviar leather?), a first-time buyer isn’t going to know about the changes. There are also many who don’t care; they just want the own a CHANEL. THIS reason is exactly what the rude SA at the boutique was saying: “It’s CHANEL. Who cares about the defects? The ONLY thing that matters is the label says CHANEL?” Those of us who have been purchasing CHANEL for a long time…we know and it does matter.

  18. blktauna Avatar

    These are ok as 1K bags and a WTF are you kidding at 5K+

  19. L Jay Avatar
    L Jay

    As long as there are those who pay the prices, CHANEL will continue to increase and charge those prices. I stopped purchasing many years ago (with sadness) when I received attitude from a SA at a CHANEL boutique after requesting to see 4 of the same bag…ALL were defective and in an obvious way. IMHO, anyone who gives away $5000 and up for a DEFECTIVE bag is a fool…and there are many fools out there. This also supports the attitude of “as long as it says CHANEL, people will buy it”. Well, not this person. I’ve invested in the Classic for years; the difference between them and what is produced now…shocking how poor the quality is. CHANEL is NOT Hermes and never will be but somehow, they can’t convince Karl of that.

    1. Cheryl Fox Avatar
      Cheryl Fox

      I haven’t examined a Chanel for a long while, & am curious to know what these quality issues are. The problem is, you see Chanel EVERYWHERE today, & it doesn’t seem like they are “special” anymore. Chanel is probably trying to fix this by hiking the price up enough, so as to only cater to the uber wealthy. But if the quality is cheapened, they have made a very disastrous move here, as evidenced by everyone’s comments. It’s truly sad, because owning a Chanel used to be a woman’s holy grail!

      1. L Jay Avatar
        L Jay

        In my case, 3 bags had obvious uneven flaps when closed and the 4th bag had stitching missing on the back so one square of the leather was not complete. My friend noticed as did another customer and all the SA did was sniff and say “it’s CHANEL”. So? That doesn’t mean you have the right to rip people off for thousands of dollars with obvious defective merchandise. Since then I’ve read numerous accounts of defective CHANEL items as well as seen it first hand with friends and family. So sad, so sad. : (

      2. ?4ladyfox Avatar

        Wow! I didn’t realize it was that bad! You know, there is a whole lot of WANTON GREED going around, & I keep wondering when customers will hit their “ceiling”, on what they will ultimately pay, for inferior products & negligent customer service! I think we sold our souls to China, & now we are reaping the consequences!

    2. TheCityGirl Avatar

      Two of my recent Chanel purchases popped stitches within a few months and I BABY them. Also in the boutique there’s so much bad alignment in quilting and un-centered CCs that they look like fakes (hell, I’ve seen fakes that actually look better). Even in posts about the new Chanel styles available on this very site you can see clear evidence of this, bag after bag – and these are the samples that Chanel selected to photograph! No thanks. Hermes is even pricier but at least the quality is there, and they service their bags in perpetuity.

      1. L Jay Avatar
        L Jay

        Exactly! I don’t mind spending money on something that is made well. I look at high-end purchases as an investment; an investment NOT about resale but as something I will be using for a long time due it’s design and excellent quality. I don’t need many of a similar item; I prefer the best OF that specific item. I often thing that those who have the income where money is not a concern in any way and can purchase anything and then discard it without a glance is the customer CHANEL is going after. I spoke with my old SA years ago when I noticed it was flaps, flaps and more flaps with a few “interesting” items thrown in. What happened to seasons where every bag was coveted by every customer because it was so fantastic?! Gone, IMHO, because the direction of CHANEL changed. It’s not a classic forever (like Hermes), it’s “Use it this season, then toss it aside and by a new one for next season”. That’s a very different customer than the one that made CHANEL THE label to own.

  20. ShakerGirl37 Avatar

    I have one Chanel Gabrielle bag, one canvas Chanel tote (a basic promo bag), two Chanel card/O-cases/wallets and one cosmetic bag. I used to have a Medium flap in Green Metallic Goatskin and a Gabrielle clutch in Beige/Black, both of which I have sold. Both of them though beautiful were not ergonomic at all. Tough to open, tough to organize while worrying about them collecting dust even when in their special bags. After going through the fervor of chasing Chanel for a year, I’ve determined that although they are amazing, in the end, no bag is worth $5,000. They all show wear and tear over time even if you don’t carry them constantly. That goes for ANY luxury handbag no matter who makes it. I still love my small Chanel collection, but I’m done chasing the Chanel bag unless it is at a much more reasonable price.

  21. MissVinayDuggal88 Avatar

    That’s good. Chanel is a good brand and worth it.

  22. tess Avatar


  23. memsy Avatar

    Bleh, not worth it for me. Luckily I have no interest in buying a Chanel. There are plenty of other bags of similar or better quality.

  24. Mar Rie Avatar
    Mar Rie

    what about in europe any price increase?

  25. Mar Rie Avatar
    Mar Rie

    is the increase will happen worldwide or only in the USA?

    1. Polkadotbird Avatar


  26. minidoxie Avatar

    does anyone know what year they stopped crafting the bags by hand?

    1. M Green Avatar
      M Green

      I am not sure this will answer your question, but sewing machines have been used for the making of Chanel bags for decades.

  27. Renée Baccara Avatar
    Renée Baccara

    I have the chanel bags i wanted so now i can go for the holy cow. B I R K I N instead.

  28. TheCityGirl Avatar

    Considering how drastically the quality has declined, this not just a joke but an insult to customers.

  29. Jen Avatar

    I wonder what actually triggers this ‘so often’ price increases? Looking at those marketing words ‘get it before it increases’, ‘this timeless piece is still with the old price’ etc not only from Chanel boutiques but also resellers and consignment stores. It seems it’s a marketing strategy to boost rush sales?? Do they actually do this everytime the sales going down and they just want to re-living the hype? Perhaps it works hence they do it so often.

  30. elisa_noelle Avatar

    I am disappointed with the chronic price increases. I have both Chanel and Hermes and Hermes wins hands down in terms of quality. I was considering adding another classic bag to my collection but have changed my mind with the news of this increase. It is a huge turn off.

    1. Sparky Avatar

      I’d buy Hermes but I don’t like the bag styles. Only one I like is Birkin. No way they’d sell me one.

  31. Jen Avatar

    Chanel market actually grows a lot from the middle class. The niche market is only very few and more often involve the same old money people who’s indifferent with branded items and won’t buy as aggressively as the new money. That is why i feel these price increases is their marketing strategy to boost rush sales BUT with current economy , until what point would they keep doing this? Let’s see how it goes

  32. seraphim Avatar

    I’m new here so I have a stupid question: Are the price increases for bags that are “black” (whether it’s lambskin or caviar) in any of the size (classic flap, WOC, etc)? I ask because I got a WOC in blue chevron lambskin leather last year and not sure if the value of the blue lambskin bag may increase as well.

    1. Polkadotbird Avatar

      It’s for any size.

  33. Gracie Flores Avatar
    Gracie Flores

    I distinctly remember that back in 2007 a Medium classic was $1750… 11 years later..

  34. pursegirlinLA Avatar

    I think price increases will continue at Chanel until the buying frenzy slows. As much as people complain about the price increase, they are still buying and receiving upcoming pieces. Chanel wants to make the brand more exclusive and harder to obtain. It will be interesting to see what happens moving forward.

    1. M Green Avatar
      M Green

      That’s exactly what I said! I guess we do agree on something afterall. Lol

  35. Ivy Avatar

    This is ridiculous! I own both the classic flap and boy bag but I don’t think I would be buying any more in the future. I feel like they increase their prices every year!

  36. Passerine Avatar

    Much as I like some of Chanel’s bags, I don’t intend to buy any in the near future. Paying these inflated prices only feeds their greed and confirms their belief that they can charge whatever they like even with a decline in quality. Plus there are fakes everywhere, some of them very well made. Instead, I am looking at some under-the-radar brands for my future bag purchases. For example, I will be buying this beautiful bag from Asprey: and this from Alexander McQueen:
    IMO, they’re both as attractive as anything that Chanel makes and while they’re not cheap, the prices aren’t beyond the pale. And you won’t see copies in every city.

    1. Passerine Avatar

      …Plus I will be purchasing two Numéro Deux bags (the black moc croco and the green) and one Numéro Six from Polene when we’re in Paris next month. That’s three beautiful, European-made bags for under 1000 euros!

  37. Truth in NY Avatar
    Truth in NY

    Like others have said, Chanel is #goals for many people- if someone has only one high-end leather designer bag, chances are high it’s Chanel. And if Chanel can sell 1 bag per person to 100,000 middle-income people every year (just using these numbers as an example obvi, idk what they really are), then of course they don’t care about losing 1,000 loyal customers who buy 4 bags a year. I’m bummed because while I LOVE Chanel aesthetics, I just can’t bring myself to spend that much on a brand that has such quality issues. I’ll be sticking with Dior for now, whose quality and customer service match their price (even with the massive increases this past year). It will be interesting to see what happens to the brand once Karl croaks, and if they continue on the mass-production low-quality trend, or scale back to cultivating a better reputation and more brand loyalty.

  38. ghostDESIGNER Avatar

    China tariffs people. China tariffs. This further proves the fact that many luxury bags are partly composed in China and are finished in Italy, thus allowing the “Made in Italy” tag. Industry loopholes…..

  39. cammychan Avatar

    I bought my medium caviar flap for $1595, reissues for $1895, jumbo for $2650 and maxi for $3500. Nowadays, I pass the boutique and never enter to browse because of these prices.

  40. Jack Neill Avatar
    Jack Neill

    Hey guys not to play devil’s advocate but prices for raw materials have been increasing. Versace actually sold more products last year then the previous one (where they made a profit) but they reported a loss even with the increase in sales due to the increase in price of raw materials.
    That being said you do see Chanel is the leader in fashion when it comes to trends. From cosmetics to bags Chanel sets the tone for everyone else hence the chain bag trend that is swallowing fashion. Chanel is at the top of the pyramid. However there have been concerns about quality, caviar leather last being good as it was in 2010, Crystal’s falling out of jewlery, bags with fabric lining sold over 5k. (I am looking at you boy). There is no comparison with LV. Chanel is miles ahead of LV and yes Gucci too but not upto hermes. Hermes standards have never dropped and they honor their heritage and craftsmanship.I personally love Chanel’s designs but always bank on Hermes quality. I had to decide recently between a chanel bracelet with Crystal’s on it which looked amazing or a collier de chin for my mom. I picked the collier because I was afraid of the crystal falling out of the cuff.
    I think Chanel’s price increases are unjustified but not surprising given the rise in prices for raw materials and their position at the top of the pyramid.

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