Wow, you don’t see this often. Blink again, and one or two or three more times until you realize that some Chanel products are marked down at Bluefly. This is the best kind of blinking there can be. Although with the price mark downs these bags are still expensive, they may be a little more manageable for you and your finances. I have always yearned for a Chanel handbag, and right now might be the time. There is one of these beauties that is secretly calling my name ;-)

Chanel Canvas Quilted Tote

And here is the first beauty, the new apple of my eye. The Chanel Beige Canvas Quilted Tote is simply chic and irresistible. There is something about the textured beige canvas exterior that looks so casual but sexy at the same time. Smack dab in the middle of the exterior is the embroidered Chanel (CC) logo. I know the mixture of canvas and leather do not always perfectly mesh, but in this bag I find it the perfect combo. At the sides of the bag there is quilted leather and there is also a leather trimmed net exterior rear pocket. The handles are made of leather and are connected to the bag by silver-toned links. On the inside you will find canvas lining with zip-close side pocket. This tote measures approximately 7½” tall x 12½” wide x 6” base depth. Even though 20% off sounds great, this price still will dent your wallet- but it for $1,400 via Bluefly. And hey, since the deal is so good, you could just toss an extra one in your shopping cart for me!!

Chanel chestnut quilted leather small shoulder bag

If you would like to opt for a classic little beauty, then the Chanel Quilted Leather Small Shoulder Bag may be making its way into your heart as we speak. This would be a classic bag that you could wear from now until whenever you’d like. Who can go wrong with a classic chestnut leather little bag? Um, not me- and not you I don’t think. Made of stylish chestnut colored leather, the streamlined diamond quilting makes this bag that much more desirable. To add a little extra class to the bag the logo on the front is featured in gold-toned metal hardware. The bag opens on top with logo engraved leather pull tag and the shoulder straps connect to the bag with gold-toned links. When you open up this cutie, the inside continues to scream out Chanel with logo lining and dual zip-close side pockets. Sizing up approximately 11 ½” wide x 6 ½” tall x 4” base depth, this small bag may perfectly grace your body. You save 20% on this bag, which still equates to a somewhat large price tag; buy it through Bluefly for $1080.

Chanel Green 5 Canvas Medium Tote

Do you know how some things remind you of something they are not? For some reason, this bag reminds me of golf. Yea, I know- I don’t get it either. I really don’t get it at all. But, I’m going to go with it. The Chanel Green ‘5’ Canvas Medium Tote is made of a white, green, beige, silver, and spring green canvas exterior with leather piping and quilted detailing. Doesn’t it just look like you would take it to the club house? Straying away from a very classic elegant look, this Chanel bag adds a little flame to the Chanel fire with its ‘5’ leather patch on circular exterior front pocket. The shoulder straps are intricately designed with silver toned chain straps that have canvas woven into them. The inside of the bag is lined in logo jacquard lining and has a zipper pocket. This tote is 11 ½” wide x 8” tall x 6” base depth, and I sure wouldn’t mind taking it to the country club. Buy it via Bluefly for $972.

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  • Kristina

    hey this is a cool site

    • Tegan

      i now i think it is brilliant

  • shelley

    this bag was worn by kim catrall’s character (samantha jones) on an episode of sex and the city.

  • renee’

    i really want to buy this bag but they dont have it on blue fly anymore. does anyone know where i can get it from?

  • Danyelle

    I have this bag and it is FABULOUS.. i love it so much.. i always find ways to wear the cute green outfit so i can carry this really cute bag with it….


  • alex

    I love the Chanel Green ‘5′ Canvas Medium Tote. I’ve looked on Bluefly but I dont think they carry it anymoe. If you could email me where I could find it & how much it is that would be great. Thanks

  • Ummm

    Well, i looked up “chanel bags on sale” looking for a bargain, and when I opened up your site NONE of these bags are on sale!they are all like 1000 bucks or more, so yea.

  • hey this is the coolest sight ever love it

  • Ummm I agree with you I also looked up the same thing and when I came here I didn’t find a sale and they are way to expensive!

    • Danielle

      OMG you guys are such idiots. Chanel bags are obviously made for upper class people who can afford them. So stop complaining when theyre only $1000 ok? That IS a sale. And if you can’t afford one, don’t buy a fake one from China town. Buy a cheap-o one from Target or Walmart where you lower class people belong

      • stranger

        okay, being an “idiot” is when you don’t realize what the actual purpose for the company is-obviously to make money. And like other people were saying, they could make way more money if they lowered the price a couple hundred dollars. That way, our “lower class people” can afford beautiful Chanel bags just like the “upper class people” and we don’t have to be spoiled like the upper class people who think they are better than everybody else just because someone in their family, not themselves, worked hard to earn the money and was smart with it. The smarts and work obviously got lost along the way to where the money is today.anyways, there are only so many “upper class people” that lowering the price a little can make for a big impact in their sales and profits.

      • Soo

        Having less money does not make someone lower class.
        The lack of taste require to make a remark like you did, Danielle, does.

  • Nancy Rodarte

    Just looking for good sales on 2007 chanel purses and shoes, etc.

  • mmm

    :shock: MAKE THEM FOR LESS AND U WILL MAKE ALOT MORE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :twisted:

  • kelty

    you need more purses?

  • BOB ?


  • Marie

    The Chanel Bags are amazing! The quality is fabulos and the designs are great. The leather can crease quite easily if you dont use the leather stuff they give to you in the bag. :razz: YAY! CHOSE CHANEL! :lol:

  • Taylor

    I need a new purse really bad but i cant find a good purse in my price range!!!!!!! :mad:

  • KT

    ~I would agree that if you would lower the price of your bags you would have many more customers. I to need a new purse but dont have the money at this time to afford a chanel bag. I would love to have my own bag but dont have the money.~ :cry: I understand though that your purses and bags, and etc. Which are amazing and you need to keep your prices up so you can afford the material to make everything! But if you say ON SALE! they should be ON SALE! like hmmm 60-170 dollars :)!

  • Fay


  • bernadette kar

    Try eFashionHouse for Chanel. It’s better than Bluefly.

  • Kelcie


  • tania

    i am really sorry is this a real chanel sight ???

  • Sally

    Awesomeee : D



  • Kate

    Chanel are for mid or rich ppl only. Poor ppl can afford the fake chanel only. I have around 8 or 10 chanal purse and it hot purse!! gotta buy more!!

    • joanna

      umm you sound like a little wanna be rich girl and ya you may have around 8 or 10 but i guarantee you there not real. and personally i really DONT CARE cause i have a juicy and marc jacobs bag from nordstom but do be sayin there only for people who are rich NO! people who can afford it buy it duh!! :mad:

  • IB

    A good designer bag is like fine jewelry, so if you find a good Chanel bag for $1,000 on sale…I say go for it because you may think it’s expensive but it’s is worth it!! Got my 3rd Chanel :) and loving them all XOXO :mrgreen:

  • who cares

    ahhaah you all crcak me up…u think just cuz ur rich your the only people who can buy expenise things? hahahah well i would like to say im a college student and dont make a lot of money but my parents do but they sure as hell just dont hand me 1000 dollars for a purse…i work for my money and even if it might take me mnonths to save up for somethng nice i do…thats what people mean when they ” i earned this”…bottom line just becuase people arent “rich” doesnt mean they arent allowed to get brand name things…look in my closet and all you will see is name brand things and i guarntee you i worked for all of it ! thanks have a great day

  • Desiree’

    To that Lovely hard working college student, i think you should stay in school because and that’s how you spell “because”! You have the wrost gammar i have seen in a college student ever! mnonths? you were almost there sweetie its months! We understand that the only way to get the finer things in life you have to work for, how do you think were able to just spend hundreds of thounsands of dollars? I am proud to say we worked our asses off for it and so what if we gloat and brag a little! We have all the right to do so! And one day when you graduate from that college of yours hopefully you will be able to do the same! I AM ONE CHANEL No.4 :) Thank you have a blessed grudge free life!

  • mindy

    I too am a college student. I don’t make a lot of money either, but my parents do. They never hand me money to spend on a purse. I am like the other college student, who saves up for my nice things. It doesn’t make me “low class” because I don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on a Chanel purse right away. I have other responsibilities to pay for. I like it this way: working, paying for tuition, and eventually getting enough to buy a Chanel. Just because I have to save up for awhile doesn’t make me “low class,” it just makes me responsible with my money, doesn’t it? Anyways, I saved up for all of my designer purses, and I’m proud that I can say that I worked hard for them. I can’t wait to earn enough for my Chanel bag! I love Chanel. And btw, I NEVER buy fake bags. It’s kinda shady in my opinion. :)

  • mindy

    I was very repeitive in my last comment but I’m half asleep so everyone can just deal with it. Night.

  • Cheryl L. Snyder

    I own three authentic Chanel bags and love, love, love them. If you can’t afford them, just admire them but don’t knock them, it only makes you look bad.

  • soso

    I like channel but its too expensive, I dont like the fake one I like original but unfortuntly its very high price.

  • daniel a.k.a dave!!!

    Welll first off i have 3 chanel bags i love the quality and the style i have a all white one with black c’s sooo hot. Then i have an all blck one with white c’s and last i have a mixed blck/white one. I also have 3 pairs of chanel sunglases. Well thats all i gotta say thanx bye!!! <3

  • daniel a.k.a dave!!!

    Chanel bags r sooooo amazing dnt we all love em :) i cnt wait for the fashion show and new bags come out yey ‘,)

  • Oleana

    I have two chanel bags only at first.This year I bought another two.I am crazy over designer bags.I have many of them.I think Chanel is the BEST of all.I really feel good to carry Chanel bag.

    • Nissa

      I am selling a white flap chanel bag for 1500 if you’re interested?

  • jennifer

    well true chanel bags r a luxury, and its only for the upper class, but on the other hand chanel has hicked up its prices in 2005 so much, they werent this crazy expensive b4, and honestly i have only one chanel bag, love it soooo much, its amazing, bt its true tht they r hard to afford and sorta like a class symbol these days, which sux, btw i do make good money, just dont think this is the best use for it!

  • Handbags

    Thanks for sharing this

  • Naggy

    None of these bags are exactly wardrobe-material. (ipad)

    • Nissa

      I am selling a white flap chanel bag which is wardrobe material for 150