Up Close with the Chanel Heart Bags

A closer look at these highly coveted and talked-about bags

Some bags pull at your heartstrings and you would have never expected it, and that is precisely what happened to me when it came to the Chanel Heart Bags. I remember seeing this bag on the runway and knowing it would be a success but felt like it was a tad too cutesy for my personal style. Kaitlin shared these bags with you all as well and after seeing someone carry this bag, I knew I needed to see it in person. I asked the team at Chanel if they had any samples, and luckily for me, samples they had. I was able to see the various sizes of this bag and the handful of colors they offered.

Ready for whatever the equivalent of a dad joke is for a mom who runs a website on designer bags…? The heart wants what it wants.

A Detailed Look at Chanel’s SS 2022 Must-Have

Chanel Heart Bags 2
Chanel Heart Bag in Pink

I was sold. I love the playfulness of the designs plus I really love how entirely different the shape is, one that you don’t expect. Chanel adds House elements to this bag, from the classic quilting and stitching to the CC clasp closure, you immediately know this is a Chanel bag.

There are two sizes: the smaller size they call the clutch and the regular size which will fit your iPhone, which for me is a major plus on a compact bag (especially one that is a novelty shape). There is also an arm coin purse, which I was having a hard time deciding exactly where on the arm it was intended to sit. It was too large for my wrist, but a bit tight on my forearm (forearm is the intended place of wear).

Chanel Heart Bags 4 1
Chanel Heart Chanel Heart Bag in Pink 5

What Fits?

The nice thing about the larger size is that it will fit your phone, as I shared above. I find that many smaller bags that are being released don’t have enough room for your phone, and that bothers me. I want to love the tiny bag trend, but I also really want a place for my phone to go that isn’t necessarily in my pocket. This size is available in white, black, and pink lambskin leather with overall dimensions of 6.4 × 7 × 2.5 in. There’s a front flap pocket that is secured by the CC closure and a back small open pocket that nicely fits a valet ticket (well, that was the best use I found for it). The bag is finished off with the Chanel leather and chain strap which is not adjustable but is nice and long for different styles of wear. Price is $5,550.

The smaller size features all the same design elements but also offers you a purple version, which oddly became my obsession (actually it was Millie’s too, she was hooked). This size won’t fit your phone, but it really looks nice on and its dimensions of it are ideal for the tiny bag trend, 4.7 × 5.1 × 2.1 in. Price is $3,400.

I did a quick 45 second bag review on these bags if you want to discover a bit more, and Millie even got in on it and shared her thoughts as well.

As with other highly coveted Chanel bags, these bags are nearly impossible to track down. If you talked to a sales associate, you’d find out that majority were spoken for before the bags ever arrived in store so if you want to try your luck at nabbing one now, your best bet is the resale market.

What do you think of these bags?

Chanel Heart Bag in Pink Front Flap
Chanel Heart Bag in Pink Interior
Chanel Heart Bag in Pink Heart Pull Detail
Chanel Heart Bag in Pink Back
Chanel Heart Wristlet
Chanel Heart Bag in Purple and Black Wristlet

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