Chanel F/W 2009 Campaign

The fall/winter 2009/2010 collection from Chanel is now available in Chanel boutiques. Channeling the winter months, Chanel brings in heavy materials, tweed, and a splash of color with the perfect green and pink.

The leather shoulder strap on the green and pink tweed bags is a departure from the classic chain strap, yet I find myself wanting to see the tweed bag with a chain strap rather than smooth leather strap (like the last photo below). My pick for Fall/Winter is the Chanel Extra Large Tweed Flap with the chain shoulder strap. The tweed is reminiscent of Chanel classic suits as is the quilted finish and chain strap. There is also the classical flap with interlaced ribbons which continues to bring dimension to the bag while offering a horizontal pattern rather than the expected diagonal. To view the collection visit Chanel online.

Chanel Quilted Tweed Pouch

Chanel Quilted Tweed Pouch

Chanel Quilted Tweed Pouch

Chanel Classic Flap with interlaced ribbons

Chanel Iridescent Grained Calfskin Bag with engraved chain

Chanel Extra Large Flap Bag in quilted tweed

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Scorpio

    I adore them all but the 5th on is goregous! <3

  • CT

    Makes me wanna run down to the nearest Chanel &……ogle @them up close. Hmm…..simply love it!

  • Jane H.

    the 4th and 5th ones are BEAUTIFUL ;)

  • What are you all thinking of the plain leather strap? I think it lacks the dimension and special touch the chain strap brings.

    • speaking of…

      Numbers 1 ,4 and 5, are fabulous…all are fabolous and have my heart. ;)

  • CSH

    Loved the 4th and 5th ones! Maybe you can do a Chanel give away! ; )

  • abbi

    i dont like the plain leather strap, i agree with u meg i think it lacks that special touch chanel usually brings. the tweed bags would look sooo much better with a chain strap, it doesnt suit the bag. the 5th bag is absolutely horrible in my opinion. Meg do u know if that puffy chanel bags (the one advertised by lily allen) is online somewhere?

  • Shannon

    No Likey leather strap…so not Chanel

  • Rebbeca

    The green is such a pretty color! The fabric as well.. very nice one.. though I totally agree with you, with the chain strap it would be one helluva piece : )

  • James

    Love the basket weave, the “CC” is gratuitous, and the fabric looks like Vera Bradley couture! Boring bags that show no design *yawn*

  • mette

    I like the last one best. The size, texture, everything about it. No more words are needed.

  • monica

    How much are they? prices anyone?

  • monica, we shall inquire about the prices early next week.

  • pursecrazy

    I was adoring these until I saw the plain leather strap. Absolutely dreadful!

  • Al

    MISS. They look a little cheap and lack that timeless, elegance of a classic CHANEL.

  • toris

    good , i like

  • Michael St. James

    Why would anyone wear a tweed bag?!?

  • Handbag Lover

    the 4th and 5th ones are the best to me

  • Elle


  • Wendy

    Hmmm….Sorry but I am not overwhelmed. I expect more from Chanel and the only one of those bags I would even consider to meet my expectations from Chanel is the 4th bag. I know I’m in the minority here. Guess it’s good we all don’t like the same things.

  • Tammie

    They are all too small for me, if I were to choose one though it would be the Chanel Iridescent. Nice bag for being so small.

  • stella fleuret

    The last one and the one above it are my favorites.

  • Emilia

    I wonder if anyone know if you can buy Chanel bags at Heathrow airport in London? If someone knows, which terminal? Thanks!

    • Helen

      Emilia, there is a Chanel boutique in terminal 3 and they stock bags

  • Gisele24

    I love the 4th and 5th

  • jennifer

    nyc. how much d 2nd bag?

  • Annie

    I love them all, with the exception of #5. Sorry.
    The leather strap gives the tweed bags a touch of hippie cool chick.
    The bags still have the beauty and elegance of the classic flap chanel.
    Love it!!!!!!

  • Nicole

    i want to know the price of the first picture, the white one on the top of the page

  • Joyce

    all 5 of them i <3 (fb)

  • Adrienne Zedella

    the green one is gross (fb)

  • beanyce126

    im gonna play it safe and stick with caviar and lamb. (ipad)