Timeless, classic, elegant, recognizable. All of these words describe the house of Chanel. The Chanel Classic Flap bag has become synonymous and iconic to Chanel. Every woman years to have a Classic Flap in her collection. Some collectors have exorbitant amount of Flap bags. And while the Classic Flap’s beauty speaks for itself, and the style needs no introduction, there are ways that the bag can be dressed up even further.

Bypassing merely being an exotic skin bag, the Chanel Classic Flap in Alligator is embroidered with pearls by La Maison Lesage. This is the ultimate luxury when it comes to the Chanel Classic Flap Bag. There is not much else to say; the timeless style dresses up with pearl embroidery detail on top of luscious alligator skin. This bag is from the Chanel Cruise 2008/2009. Inquire further through Chanel about purchasing this item, 800-550-0005. Price of this beautiful collectors piece is $34,500.

Note: We also broke the story of the Chanel Diamond Forever Classic Bag, which costs a whopping $261,000!

Chanel Classic Flap in Alligator

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  • grace

    one word… “AMAZING”… ok two words… “WOW”
    Its beautiful Meg!!! Its on my dream list…. yes… only in my dreams!!!

  • Sarah

    I DIE!!!!!!!!!!!! This could not be more STUNNING!!!!

  • lauren

    Oh I do like

  • kat

    Too delicate. The pearls could fall off with normal wear.

  • asilios

    at 35 k, this is hardly a “normal wear” bag!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maria


  • MizzJ

    Very nice! Can’t believe it’s so much!

  • MsTina

    Its too pretty to actually use! I would just put it in a showcase and invite people over to check it out!

  • mette

    Megs – This is about as expensive as our SF alligator. This is beautiful, but I fancy the SF more.

  • emily*


  • abeerz


    plus it doesn’t look practical at all..

  • Mette, I fancy the SF Alligator much more as well!!!

  • Katie

    I totally want to get it.

  • KL

    Classic Chanel would look so good on my arm!

  • purselover

    “With fashionable pleather versions of virtually any animal print available, there?s no excuse for tormenting and killing animals for their skins.”

  • Rebeca

    I love this blog, all the informations about beautiful bags are here! :)
    Ladies i really need some help, I’ am from Brazil, and these year i wiil travel to NY, I want too buy 2 or 3 chanel bags, and I was searching,
    and i found an outlet that calls Waterloo, is close to NY, something like 50 minutes by bus (Not sure), and i saw that they sell chanel, I don’t know if they sell the bags, if they sell could you girls tell me if it is a good opportunity, or maybe it’s better to buy directly in the chanel store.
    Thanks very much, and I’m sorry if I wrote something wrong, i’m still improving my languages skills. :)

  • lizbelle

    oww…wish i could have one!
    too pretty!
    too cool!

  • Ashley

    not my total fave. a littly crusty looking texture. I like softer.


  • Chiccat

    I just saw it in a Chanel shop in this afternoon. It was kept in a showcase. I didn’t realise it’s so expensive. I almost asked the SA to let me know a look(!) if the size of the is not that small.

  • helena


  • Adrienne Zedella

    $34,000???? Are you joking?? The plight of our world just got worse. (fb)

  • April

    At first glance, I liked it. But it resembles a lunch box.

  • Smith

    at first my heart stopped…but i’m kinda not diggin it ::sadface:: (ipad)

  • Anahit99999