Chanel Alligator Bag Chanel is one of the last major design houses to slowly take to the online world of fashion. Yesterday Amanda delved into a discussion about luxury houses taking small steps into the online world of blogs and social media. Chanel had a fairly blank site for quite some time, but recently began adding video and pieces from their shows and upcoming lines. It is ideal for anyone who wants to do some research or swoon over an item they may never be able to buy.

Today I find myself doing just that, obsessing over a bag that I will 99% certainly never own. The Chanel Classical Matte Alligator Bag features a flap CC closure and interlaced chain. The color is dreamy of this matte alligator skin and this bag truly is timeless. If you call the Chanel Classic Flap timeless this is timeless squared. Price tag is $26,600. When I spoke to a Chanel rep she said this bag was currently out of stock, but they may expect some to come in soon. I am left staring at the computer screen dreaming. More via Chanel online.

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  • MsTina

    This is beyond my wildest dream!

  • mette

    This in another color would satisfy me completely.

  • That is exactly what I love… the color. It is ideal. And for that price – while high – this truly is a timeless piece

  • molly

    jeeze…that one costs more than my car! i’d be better off trying to catch an alligator and making one myself. haha. i’m gonna check and see if I can find a used one…which will probably still cost more than my car!

  • Ana

    Amazing. How could someone buy this while children starve to death?

  • dani_twotwo

    Haha@ molly’s comment!

    Jeez, it does cost as much as a car if not more! You could even make a downpayment on a house! How could it be sold out?!lol.

    Pretty but would prefer bag in black.

  • bldrboy

    ana… that is the dumbest comment. don’t pass judgement on someone, just because you could never afford this, even when it is 70% off. let people spend their money the way they see fit!!

  • Maria Nguyen

    Such a beautiful bag!! I love the size of it. and it it sure has the pricetag to match!

  • letter bird

    2009 CHANEL FALL WINTER collection at

  • letter bird

    chanel Paris Moscow—- bag adorned jewel symbols of russian history—–

    touch russian~~~

  • Gemma

    OH MY *** Price tag is $26,600……..

    Are you serious? I’ll just have to wait a year or so and get it as a Vintage bag, no way i can afford that price… thats unreal.
    Look at the bag i just bought, nearlly $25,000 cheaper and just as nice :)

  • Designer Boots Store

    I second that Maren. I love the satchel bag pictured above. I just wish it was available in metallic.

  • mark gil anthony plaza

    The Chanel Classical Matte Alligator Bag was so beautiful…..I want to have that kind of bag because of its quality………click

  • Adrienne Zedella

    Nah! (fb)

  • Jelita78

    ohmygod.. why? why chanel?
    why must u make this beauty sooooo expensive to us mere human being! (ipad)