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  • kindled

    these boy bags do everything for me in a way that classic chanel does not.

  • melissa

    those denim ones are very tacky! & i love the shape of the flap satchels

  • Aaron

    I have to have the blue Reverso Woven Boy, It’s absolutely gorgeous!

  • Jiab

    Shopping totes remind me of the Neverfull.

  • QuelleFromage

    I am shocked…most of these are hideous..and POR on the croc? Really? It’s PurseBlog, we can take it :)

  • Gabriella

    Completely underwhelmed by these, unfortunately… All the designs seem a bit “been-their-done-that”.

  • Manda

    Wish I could love this collection, but several of the styles make me think of Michael Kors and Kate Spade (which, there’s nothing with these brands.. I LOVE me a great MK- but come on this is CHANEL!)

  • Joyll

    OMG I must have that small flap satchel in that near Tiffany Blue colour!!!! That will be my 1st Chanel purchase in AGES!

  • Hana Yoo

    A lot of these bags leave much to be desired. Even the rehashed boy bags are starting to get old. Looks like Chanel brand is going down not only in quality but in design and the only thing going up is the price.

  • Baggirl

    What happened to the gst shopper? I don’t see it on the website! Anyone knows if its discontinued?!

  • Halim Amin

    If nobody here will have them I will. And thankfully less demand means Chanel can bring down their prices. The collection is simply divine as always.

  • alight16

    Quintessential Chanel…love this collection! It is so feminine and pretty, the boy bags are gorgeous and I love the touches of pink!

  • Karin Phua

    Denim and sequins? What’s next? coconut husks? This is Chanel channeling chinese sequins bags which retail for about USD20 without the double C? The tote looks like a million others. Why black and white for Spring 2014?

  • tess

    Completely insane pricing as it has been for the last decade or so.

  • SA

    I just died…I had to scroll fast to the bottom, because I can’t afford falling in love with chanel again and again. But just in 20 seconds my mind had already convinced me that I just NEED 8 of this bag. Cause “This ones pretty” and “This one is to die for” and “How can I not get this one? I would marry with this alone”. Now… its time to save money and survive with only noodles for 6 months.

  • l

    i dont know about the classics, but the boy has stilll caught my heart (besides the patent ones), ombre calfskin?? While it might looked burned at the edges, def made me take a double take n skip a little beat. loveee them

  • Vicky

    I like many of these bags, but so far, nothing makes me like it enough to buy. :(

  • Scottsdale Kim

    Sequin bags remind me of my old dance recitals when I was a kid. I’m sure that a stylist could make it work but it would seem that leather would be a more attractive option for any outfit.

  • Cindy

    Chanel handbag is so elegant and beautiful.Just like the hermes handbag is always the nobal and luxurious.i love them

    • Cindy

      Chanel handbag is so elegant and beautiful.Just like the hermes handbag is always the nobal and luxurious.i love them

  • Smooth Caramel

    What do you think of the pricing on some of the other bags that i don’t see here? i went to chanel yesterday and looked through the things to pre order and was floored when the brick bag (or lego as some call it) was 12k?!

  • nandini

    this is ugly

  • Yrs

    Chanel bag is always something to die for ….. But the price makes it something only to dream of ……

  • Stephanie Porter

    This white & gold bag is pretty, It’s got a gold tone logo on the front & a chan strap too.

  • Stephanie Porter

    This 1 is polished & clean lined, it would be great for or the office.

  • Stephanie Porter

    Here is something different than the other ones I saw.

  • ckhandan

    I got my White chanel boy last week and I am thrilled! (it is the second one I believe shown in patent pink) Love, love love it!

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