paris hilton chanel timeless clutch

Blasphemy. If I were truly a good American, I would have spent my Wednesday night watching Paris Hilton’s interview with Larry King. Or does it make me a good American that I do not have a care in the world about it? My succulent oven-roast chicken with sautéed spinach, red potatoes, and roasted radishes, really made my night much more enjoyable (and the key lime pie and bread pudding for dessert did not hurt either :wink: ). But if you caught yourself looking at the pictures of Paris Hilton leaving Larry King all smiles, you may have also noticed she was carrying a White Chanel Timeless Clutch. I will admit that we have seen Paris with this clutch before, but I think right now she is really trying to play into it all. Chanel equals timeless beauty and that is exactly what Paris needs to go for. The days of ultra mini skirts and shorts with no underwear are over, for a week or two at least. And now I will unfortunately say this, her outfit is actually beautiful. I adore the dress and the clutch is the perfect accessory. That hurt.

So what do you think: Is Paris really a changed person? What did you think of her Larry King interview if you saw it?

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  • jen

    I was wondering why I got looks when I wore mine to work today… :oops:

  • JNH14

    I only saw the last 5 minutes of the interview, but they cracked me up. Supposedly she has found religion and has been reading the Bible. Larry King asked her what her favorite Bible verse was and she looked like a deer caught in headlights! :lol: She thought and when she couldn’t come up with one, she paused and said, “I don’t have a favorite…”

  • Tan

    Homegirl is just milking all of this to its fullest.I didn’t watch it.I heard she said that she never did drugs.You can go to dlisted or one of these gossip sites and it clearly shows her blazing a joint.I truly think that she’s still in shock from it all and once she gets back in her comfort zone she’ll go back to the old shallow Paris we all know!USweekly hit the nail on the head when they said she is a 100% liar.

  • plain_jane_too

    didn’t watch it…we have a Paris ban in the house…actually the 23yo son who said “no Paris in this house!” he he he I raised a sensible son.

  • Brennamom

    Does anyone know who made her dress? Is it Chanel as well or maybe Chloe? Would love to know…

  • michelle

    Bcbg max azira makes her dress. It’s available at saks.

  • perspective inc

    Does anyone know how much that clutch costs? Its FABULOUS!!

  • yenny

    what sunglasses is that? is so fab!!!

  • lowcarb

    I have no interest in her at all. On the Purse Forum, (long thread on Why women carry Fakes) it was posted that the Hilton women carry fakes. Not sure if this true or always true or occasionally true. *shrugs* In the pic above the bag looks authentic.

  • Otter

    Please do not post information about this skank — even if she is rocking a great Chanel clutch. No more PH pleeeeeze!

  • jadey

    whoa wots with her hands :s are they aging 10years each day?

  • Milly Anderson

    she used that clutch to much. she should get rid of it.

  • chelsey

    well yea she can be a liar a skank, stupid, a huge liar and everything but i still love her, and that clutchand by the way i doubt that the hilton women use fake chanel bags because they can afford all of those bags and much more :!:

  • Emma Scott

    Cassius and Paris went to boarding school together. (CEDU).
    – ” the school for the rich and incorrigible” Rod Stewart’s son also attended.

  • Gunel

    Pleease, does anyone know how much this cluthc costs?

  • jade

    leave her alone yu sad bunch of losers, yur jus sayin all this coz yu wana be her,, if yu dont like her dont read or talk about her,, i love paris shes a stunner x

  • lauren

    As of spring 2009–the cost was $1295…it might have gone up in the last year or so?
    Either way it’s part of the permanent collection so no worries of it leaving stores anytime soon