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The Many Bags of Taylor Swift, Part 2


In some ways, it seems like Taylor Swift has been daring me to write a second investigation into her handbag collection all summer. Every day when I open our photo agency’s archives, there are new photos of her walking to and fro in New York City, enjoying her morning constitutional, her evening constitutional and sometimes several constitutionals in between, generally wearing a two-piece matching outfit and a handbag dangling from her forearm. To me, her intentions are clear.

Even if you don’t believe that Taylor Swift is trying to surreptitiously communicate with me through the paparazzi, taking a look through her quirky handbag collection is an interesting study in celebrity branding. Instead of carrying things that others have decided are popular or of-the-moment, Swift sticks to less recognizable options from both major brands and independent designers alike. The result is that she always looks like herself instead of looking like an It Bag billboard, just like the last time we took a look at her handbag habits in 2012.

Prada Executive Tote
$2,430 via Bergdorf Goodman

Taylor wears a fair number of Prada shoes, but this bag, her recent favorite, is her first foray into the brand’s beloved bags.

The Many Bags of Taylor Swift Part 2 1

Max Mara J Bag
$1,290 via Bloomingdale’s

This simple, solid-colored, neutral bag is classic T-Swift.

The Many Bags of Taylor Swift Part 2 2

Coach Classic Court Bag
$258 via Coach

Many of Taylor’s bag choices have a vintage edge to them, which likely makes the look feel more accessible to her young fans.

The Many Bags of Taylor Swift Part 2 3

Hayden Lasher Elene The Belgian Bag
$1,500 via Hayden Lasher

Taylor is more likely than most celebrities of her stature to carry a bag from a small or independent designer.

The Many Bags of Taylor Swift Part 2 4

Bulgari Isabella Rossellini Bag
$3,150 via Bulgari

She’s just as likely to whip out something like this, though. Girl’s got range, brand-wise.

The Many Bags of Taylor Swift Part 2 5

Dolce & Gabbana Linda Bag
$1,345 via farfetch.com

Taylor is a huge fan of Dolce & Gabbana bags as well as two-piece matching outfits.

The Many Bags of Taylor Swift Part 2 6

Tod’s Sella Tote
$1,995 via Saks

Taylor has a way of taking brands and shapes that are generally embraced by women older than she is and making the look seem girlish and young. This Tod’s bag is among her favorites; it recurs in her outfits quite a bit

The Many Bags of Taylor Swift Part 2 7

Dolce & Gabbana Agata Bag
Shop Dolce & Gabbana via MATCHESFASHION.COM

I bet recent BFF Karlie Kloss had some influence on Taylor’s look here; it’s more model-off-duty than she usually goes.

The Many Bags of Taylor Swift Part 2 8

Kate Spade Bow Terrace Top Handle
Shop Kate Spade via Nordstrom

A cute Kate Spade bag and a two-piece matching polka dot getup are as close to Peak Taylor Swift as we’ll come today.

The Many Bags of Taylor Swift Part 2 9

Dolce & Gabbana Sara Bag
$1,262 via farfetch.com

Taylor Swift loves her two Sara bags so much that I wrote an entire ode to her use of them.

The Many Bags of Taylor Swift Part 2 11

ONE by Gelareh Mizrahi I Don’t Wanna Go to Bed Python Python Heart Purse
$1,050 via ShopBop

This outfit basically writes the book on how to successfully pull off a novelty purse–clean, simple basics offer the perfect balance.

The Many Bags of Taylor Swift Part 2 12

Elie Saab Flap Bag

The interesting thing about this outfit is that the dress doesn’t have any green in the print, but Taylor’s purse fools you into assuming it does.

The Many Bags of Taylor Swift Part 2 13

Bhailiu Streamlined Satchel

This bag has long since sold out, but before Taylor made it popular, you could have picked it up at your local Anthropologie.

The Many Bags of Taylor Swift Part 2 14

J. Mendel Midi Clutch
$1,650 via Barneys

In addition to Taylor’s affection for this bag, J. Mendel has dressed Swifty for the red carpet several times.

The Many Bags of Taylor Swift Part 2 15

Elise Saab Flap Bag

These are the most common type of Taylor Swift paparazzi photos these days; either ascending or descending the stairs to her home in Tribeca.

The Many Bags of Taylor Swift Part 2 16

M2Malletier Fabricca Mini Clutch
$1,590 via Net-a-Porter

M2Malletier is super hot within NYC fashion circles right now, which is usually a direction that Swift doesn’t take. I’m glad she did here; it’s a perfect compliment to her angular J. Mendel look.

The Many Bags of Taylor Swift Part 2 17

Cuore and Pelle Caterina Purse

Taylor’s appreciation for this indie-designed bag means that it’s now sold out.

The Many Bags of Taylor Swift Part 2 18

Dolce & Gabbana Sara Bag
Shop Dolce & Gabbana via MATCHESFASHION.COM

Based on photo evidence, this bag is far and away Taylor’s favorite of the past couple years.

The Many Bags of Taylor Swift Part 2 19

Tod’s Sella Tote
$1,995 via Saks

When T. Swift loves a bag, she gets it in more than one color, because she’s T. Swift.

The Many Bags of Taylor Swift Part 2 20

Mark Cross Scottie Satchel
$2,895 via Barneys

Mark Cross, with its vintage feel and traditional structures, is such a perfect brand for Taylor’s usual look.

The Many Bags of Taylor Swift Part 2 21


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  1. Therese Mota Avatar
    Therese Mota

    Yay! Finally!!! It’s refreshing to see new array of bags..T-Swift is a testament of individualism..This just proves that you don’t have to carry the same thing as everyone does to get notice, just be confident in your own skin and stay true to yourself…#Bravehearts

  2. kindled Avatar

    I really go back and forth between loving some of these looks and really disliking some.

  3. missarewa Avatar

    love every single piece!

  4. Cynthia Perez Avatar
    Cynthia Perez

    All her bags are plain, solid color and simple. For a 24 year old artist she could add more patterns and bright colors (maybe give that red lipstick a break?) to her handbags.

  5. as Avatar


    1. mariya4563 Avatar

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  6. Guest Avatar

    While I am not crazy for any of these bags and they are so not my style, I must say they really work with her style and look, they all go very well with what she was wearing IMO. The bags may look very simple and “boring” some might say, but they all complete the kind of look she wanted to create so perfectly. And I appreciate that she doesn’t carry those hot brand names/it-bags that every single famous girl/celeb has.

  7. Marnie Avatar

    She’s like the boring and poor man’s Dita Von Teese, but with no style.

    1. Hanakimi87 Avatar

      You took the words right out of my mouth!

  8. Loves Purses Avatar
    Loves Purses

    I loved all her bags except the small heart shaped one. She has such classic style. She looks like “a million bucks” in all the pictures due to the great styles of the bags.

  9. Monique Avatar

    she has tons of boring extremely similarly structured bags that all cost thousands. i will never understand.

  10. mel Avatar

    I love her bags as they portray her unique style perfectly!

  11. Graceful Shopper Avatar

    I can see myself wearing every single one of these. The D and G bags are the ones I covet the most, and it’s annoying that I can’t find them anywhere!!

  12. Halim Amin Avatar
    Halim Amin

    Such a classic bore. Maybe at 60 where the fashion folks say you have the carte blanche to doi whatever you like, she wil do prints! Egads!

  13. Alexandra Bowman Avatar
    Alexandra Bowman

    She has a very classic, romantic style, so I can see why she chose these bags… but like another poster said, a lot of they seem simple, to the point where you KNOW she could’ve gotten similar silhouettes in a much less expensive bag. Love the Prada satchel and the heart crossbody though!

  14. just sayin' Avatar
    just sayin'

    She’s going to look like Gretchen from Real Housewives of Orange County in a few years. :-/ Hubby thinks she has a face like a possum, thinks she looks sneaky. Love her fashion tho.

  15. neptis Avatar

    that’s great i guess she has her style and doesn’t tent to go for the bags that everybody seems to be carrying around but these bags simply
    suit more elderly people not her age, really

  16. Bearista Bear Avatar
    Bearista Bear

    No Louis Vuitton?

  17. Bill Peter Avatar
    Bill Peter

    My girlfriend and I are both the fans of Taylor ! She is a big fan of these handbags and She loves shopping online for her favorite fashion Taylor bags, throw pillows, hoodies and more from fandomsky because the items are very cheap there.

  18. Vicky Avatar

    I think she dress well and knows how to carry herself nicely. Unlike many young girls nowadays who buy bags just because it’s the “It Bag” of the season, or just because designer gifts them with it, or just because it bear a huge label’s name on it.

  19. pinkloverme Avatar

    I do find Taylor’s collection very different and unique from other celebrities, but there is just something about it that I love so much. I love how vintage looking they are and how she makes them look youthful and elegant at the same time.