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  • Kats

    Love her or hate her, there’s no denying Angie’s a classic, as are her bags.

  • AshleyG

    Angelina. Is. Everything. The end.

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  • Fiona-Brasil

    You know why?Because Angie doesn’t buy bags, they give everything to her.Apparently the same goes for clothes, she choses them and have them delivered.

    • babette

      Not always .. some people assume that but “they ” don’t really give “everything” to her or anyone else. They do give bags etc but Angelina Jolie buys her own bags and clothing too.

  • missarewa

    I love her collection! It doesn’t give the feeling of excess that I get from the K sisters. I would’ve liked to see some Bottega Veneta on her as those are very well made and understated

  • twirler

    as much as my feelings for Angelina are mixed, you have to respect someone that clearly carries what they want, completely regardless of a bag or brand’s popularity

  • oui

    i thought the large black tote bag (third from last) is Everlane Petra Portfolio?

    • lasue

      Yea that’s what I thought to… There was a big article about on it on Daily Mail.

    • Ana

      Was just going to say the same thing! I think it’s the Everlane Petra tote.

  • I’m not a big fan of her collection (I just can’t come around the monogrammed LVs) but it’s really refreshing to see a star’s collection without seeing Celine and Chanel for the 10000th time

  • laura

    I only like 2 or 3 of these bags but I love her sunglass collection. She must have hundreds of them because she’s wearing a different pair in every picture

  • kevinkim

    The second to last one was done by nicolas ghesquiere the new creative director that replaced Marc.

    • Weebee

      And the name is Doc. Epi noir, inspired by speedy. From FW2014 show. It is light, durable, discreet and wearable from day to night.

  • t

    Although at 20 mill give or take a film she can well afford these and more but she is gifted most (LV for certain as she did an ad campaign for them).

  • kimmie

    I think she is a very practical lady, using bags that are comfortable, that fit in everything she needs, and that goes with everything so she doesn’t have to keep changing bags.

  • louch

    I must admit I don’t think AJ = handbags (unlike all the Kardashians). I get the impression for her it’s a lot about function and with so many kids, I reckon she’d have to :) Can’t say any of them really grab me but they fit in with her overall classical, fairly minimalist look. Her clothes tend to steal the show.

  • Anne Muriel-Reyes

    the one unnamed was the petra bag by everlane

  • shueaddict

    She made a wonderful transition from Hollywood wildchild to Saint Angelina. Nothing about her is showy but she definitely shines.


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  • Elisa

    I think #29 is a large Annabel Ingall bag

  • Elisa

    I think #29 is a large Annabel Ingall bag

  • t Meehan

    I got a lovely handbag at Target for $30 and donated $1000 to homeless children in Haiti. That seems like the way to go. Buying these expensive bags, clothes, etc. will not do anything to improve your life. It also feeds the Super Rich Plutocracy that is using your money to gain control of the U.S. government, it is one of the worst things you can do with your money. Either save it, or give it away to those in need, not those who control the system and buy the laws that screw the middle and working class.

    • HeatherRx

      Well said. Although I am obsessed with everything Coach, I can’t justify spending mucho money just for a name and simplicity. That’s why Coach is my favorite along with most which is all about fair price, quality, and variety. I proudfully have one of the best Coach collections of 100 bags (no LV, Chanel, etc). I buy bags for my pleasure and artistry and not for other’s judgement of me or status. I don’t feel as guilty for my endulgement since I am not donating to money high end snatchers.

    • Gretta

      Thanks! Interesting point of view.

    • twirler

      there are plenty of middle and working class people that are employed by, and benefit from, the companies of “expensive bags, clothes, etc.”

      • jerieri

        Yes, many of the high end bags are made in countries where labor laws are acceptable. Plenty of employees making a decent or excellent wage so
        you make a valid point. However, those people are not starving like millions of children around the world and I could not possibly wear an expensive bag knowing I could have fed some of them with that money. Also, this consumerism/ this status envy that drives us to need these things has given rise to Fake bags and the people who make those bags live and work in deplorable conditions and do not make a living wage. And, often, those who benefit from their
        labor are terrorists or other sleezy organizations that are into lovely things like black market human trafficking/sex slavery. And finally, this status need has put many people, both men and women in difficult financial situations. The media and the banks encourage and allow it. We must stop wasting money and put it where it will help others or save it for
        our own families. Spending money unecessarilyis the worst thing we can do for the economy. BTW, I am not denigrating Angelina. She has done more good with her celebrity than most, probably would agree with me. And, as
        someone said before, her bags are probably given to her gratis, though she should proudly carry moderately priced or even inexpensive bags and brag about it! Got to give her credit for not carrying Hermes and the like, she certainly could. This is just food for thought. We have to reign ourselves in sometimes.

      • just sayin’

        Her LV Capucines is almost as much as Hermes & for someone like her, LV monfram canvas bags are considered the moderately priced bags I’m afraid. I am sure she has quite alot of ostentatiously priced bags ect that aren’t shown here. But you’re right she’s done more than most greedy wealthy people.

    • Laura

      Has it ever occurred to you to think about why Target, Kmart etc. are able to price their goods at such low prices? There’s a reason why they have $3 T-Shirts and even your $30 bag, these low prices often stem from horrifically low wages and dangerous working conditions in countries from Bangladesh to China. Buying cheap can be even more damaging than you might prefer to imagine.

  • babette

    Tom Ford and Chloe .. The most wonderful bags and I hate the monograms on anything .. really .. I only want my initials on my things. I love these photos, those were the most beautiful babies :)

  • anouk

    Angelina Jolie is a world class of her own. No one ever comes close! Period.

  • Valeria

    EVERLANE – the mystery bag is from EVERLANE!

  • Rashmi

    Amanda the mystery bag is the Everlane Petra in Market size. I have the same one in dark brown and I love it! It’s really buttery and sturdy! and what a great price for being made in Italy?

  • Waldorf

    the Tom Ford bag is the best. Love that bag.

  • Tan

    Picture#29 is “everlane” -portfolio

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  • Dalida

    She actually owns a large beige Hermès Birkin bag (just google it).

    • B.S.

      I googled it and I don’t see her with a Birkin at all. There are many pictures of her with a large beige Sac De Jour though.

  • Jack Neill

    You missed out Angelina Jolie carrying her most beautiful bag, the Gucci 1973 tote she carried in Paris.

  • Sadie

    Photo 29 looks like the Petra bag from Everlane.