Katy Perry tried to keep it low key at the airport this weekend whilst channeling Diane Keaton, just a little bit. That delicious two-toned bag on her arm is the Miu Miu Patent and Leather Satchel. I have so many questions surrounding Katy’s color-matching get-up, like why is Katy accenting her Miu Miu with a red rose? Does a body-con spandex cotton dress + long patterned cardi + floppy hat + platform hiking boots = Katy Perry casual? And why is her satchel so impossible to find online? Fortunately for all, you can get your Miu Miu fix at Net-a-Porter.

Is there anything worse than ogling a bag you simply can’t get your hands on with a few simple clicks? Miu Miu has always been uber-selective about who sells its handbags online, and of course, the brand’s signature platform pumps still outrank its bag line in terms of popularity. But I’d like to hear from Miu Miu bag owners – are the bags just as obsession-worthy?

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EGlez ?
9 years ago

she looks like a fugly mess!

Patreisha Richey
9 years ago

Indeed the outfit could use some serious help. However, in her defense, comfort (no matter how visually offensive) is king when flying. And that outfit says she’ll be in the air for at least 14 hours.

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