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  • Rosa Lily

    Yes! I remember when Botkier had a temporary rise in popularity and were unattainable. Now, they’re about 3/4 less than what they used to cost.

  • Emily

    I find the concept of this party a little icky, but to each their own.

    • Jen

      Seriously, I was thinking the SAME thing. Then I was hoping perhaps they were attending to be gracious and maybe score some things for friends and family. The party is clearly like giving an obese man a cake party.

    • Passerine

      Some stars donate their swag to charity auctions — kudos for that. Some give the loot to less well-off friends, relatives or assistants. That’s cool too. But keeping it all just because it was free does seem tacky and has a bit of a “let them eat cake” vibe.

  • anon

    Bryce knows what to do.

  • TexasST

    I am impressed a few of the ladies are carrying affordable bags. Expensive bags are always wonderful to look at but it is a nice mix in this group.

  • bellebellebelle189

    Haha Elizabeth and James is indeed named after MK&A’s other siblings, Elizabeth Olsen and James “Trent” Olsen (:

  • Gigi

    Bryce is so absolutely stunning, I’d love to see more of her on the blog if possible! xo

  • Okjuliet

    Kerry looks amazing!

  • p_mahi

    I loooove Sophie’s LV! Such a cute, young bag!

  • Anumeet Toor

    J Lo attended because she still is and will always be Jenny From the Block

  • Justice J. Srisuk

    JLo should do the world a lot of good and donate some of her blood so that geneticists can analyze her genes to uncover why she, at age forty-seven, still looks like she’s in her early thirties. Maybe we can discover an elixir of immortality if she did that!

    • Tina

      Plastic surgery girl. It works!