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  • Tori

    I hate that fashion blogs feel like they HAVE to mention Kylie or Kendall to generate traffic… No one in the fashion world considers them icons of any sort. Its sooooooo anoying… Seriously, every site finds some way to mention them. WE DONT CARE!!!!! So many REAL style icons deserve recognition.

    • We don’t feel like we have to mention anyone! They both frequently wear interesting things, and we love to feature people who do that. The entire Kardashian clan is hugely influential in consumer fashion right now, and it would be a mistake for us (or any fashion website) to ignore that.

    • Amanda

      There’s so much hatred out there for the Kardashians and I really don’t get it. Sure, they’re not role models, but who cares? I feel like despising them takes up way more energy than just not caring! And honestly? Her shoes are kind of cool AND not as expensive as half the other shoes on this post. They were one of my favorites from this round up!

    • Aoedele

      Please get over yourself, the Kardashian’s and Jenner’s are style icons and influence fashion whether you like them or not.
      Love Kylie’s, Nina’s and Rihanna’s. I’m so over the rockstud.

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      • While I definitely understand why the Karjenners are covered in fashion/style blogs/websites, I think calling Kylie and Kendall “fashion icons” is a BIT of a stretch.

      • Aoedele

        Everything they wear is written about, people emulate what they wear, they influence style to the point they’ve just released a second clothing range with Topshop…etc., etc., etc. Don’t think it’s a “stretch” to call them “fashion icons.”

        People laughed at Victoria Beckham too, and look at her now? As I’m sure back in the day Twiggy was laughed at too.

      • By that same criteria, Lauren Conrad would be considered a fashion icon at the peak of her popularity. She was all over the internet, her style was copied widely, and she had (and still has) a clothing line that has spanned multiple seasons. Fashion icon have a timelessness about them and they certainly don’t rely on shock tactics. No way in this world that the Jenndashians could be grouped with the likes of Audrey Hepburn, Diana Vreeland, and Jackie O. Who knows, maybe they will be, in a few decades, but certainly not now.

        I don’t think anything Victoria wore when she was Queen of the WAGs helped her cause as a fashion icon. She’s well on her way to being one (I certainly don’t think she already is one) because of fashion line, and the overall shift in her aesthetic since she started it.

      • Aoedele

        Your definition of a “fashion icon” is different from mine. Let’s agree to disagree.

  • GoFashiondeals

    Love the cut out shoes so cute!

  • KloeF

    Thanks for also including full outfit shots – much more interesting to see the shoes in context!

  • Jane

    Great, but would love to see a post of Halle’s bags! She has great style – sort of minimal but bold at the same time. A ‘Many Bags of’ style post would be very welcome