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  • Ireme

    Kesha looks awesome. Love her classic look.

    • carrie2514

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  • Pete

    You guys should do a feature on the Versace Mini Palazzo Empire Bag, I feel like it’s everywhere lately

  • Cbl

    I don’t think that le dix bag is gorgeous at all…

  • Bir

    i have a question with total and true respect its simply a question because i liked the combination of classic red plaid with Chanel, but what would one call ej jhonsons movement im sorry but i try to keep up fashionista transgender simply love for womens wear i think he looks pretty cool ! its just i think he has his own niche. and i dont seem to know how to reffer to it.

    • cat

      Their are a number of male “rich kids of beverly hills (instagram)” I follow that dress similar. I think it’s just more about being comfortable enough with themselves that they can find cute pieces male and female that they want to wear, as a guy who doesn’t wear any womens pieces I still think it’s great. There are times I’m sure where everyone has seen something from the opposite gender they would wear and for girls it’s actually very much normal and accepted to wear mens clothing, I think it’s great it’s also moving in the other way. If you like EJs style you should check out his friend ezrajwilliam on instagram he dresses similarly.

  • Jess

    I would like EJ to be my stylist. He is incredible. I love everything about him and what he stands for and how he throws stereotypes out the window.