Celebrities have their priorities, and dining at The Nice Guy seems to consistently rank very highly among them. This week, almost half of our featured celebs are pictured outside of The Nice Guy in LA, many of them before Cannes was even officially over. I suppose celebs can’t resist their cravings for [whatever food or beverage item The Nice Guy is known for, if any]. Celebs also seemed to long for the comforting feel of their favorite Birkins, Givenchy Antigonas or Tom Ford clutches this week and didn’t stray far from their well-known favorites.

Ashley Benson
Givenchy Antigona Bag
$2,280 via Saks

Ashley Benson was recently spotted leaving The Nice Guy in LA with one of her absolute favorite handbags, the Givenchy Antigona. We first documented Ashley Benson’s ardent love for the Givenchy Antigona back in January, and it’s good to see they’re still going strong, four months later.


Demi Lovato
Chanel Boy Bag

Here’s Demi Lovato, heading into a recording studio with one of her own personal faves, the Chanel Boy Bag. Who does that arm belong to though? Inquiring minds need to know.


EJ Johnson
Tom Ford Alix Studded Clutch
$1,990 via mytheresa.com

EJ Johnson has deemed only four designer names worthy of his extremely high-end, “Rich Kid” handbag collection: Chanel, Céline, Hermes and Tom Ford. This Tom Ford clutch that EJ recently carried to The Nice Guy just so happens to be the singular Tom Ford bag in his collection, at least as of last August when we posted The Many Bags of EJ Johnson.


Kim Kardashian
Hermès Birkin

Kim Kardashian is back from Cannes, and I’m sure LA paps are incredibly stoked to see her once again. Here she is, ducking through LAX with one of her many, many Birkins.


Kris Jenner
Hermès Crocodile Birkin

And exactly one foot ahead of her, it’s Kris Jenner, deflecting camera flashes with her bright white croc Birkin. In case you missed it, we did the math on Kris Jenner’s Hermes handbag collection, and it totals over half a milly in value. No joke. As you can imagine, people had a lot of feelings about that.


Molly Sims
Chanel Mini Classic Flap Bag

Here’s Molly Sims, carrying a black quilted leather Chanel mini while taking her son to lunch at Au Fudge in LA. Au Fudge: the restaurant for celebrity moms, by celebrity moms. (It’s Jessica Biel‘s restaurant.)


Nene Leakes
Chanel Maxi Flap Bag

Nene Leakes represents our third celeb coming or going to The Nice Guy in this post. It’s getting a tad ridiculous. I’m betting Au Fudge has some openings, you guys. Anyways, Nene is rocking an oversized Chanel bag that we rarely see: the Maxi Flap. It is so massive I don’t even think a Kardashian could lift it.


Rose Byrne
Alexander McQueen Legend Tote
$2,095 via Saks

Finally, we have actress Rose Byrne, ambling around NYC with a lovely Alexander McQueen Legend Tote, which the brand introduced back in 2014. I had frankly forgotten all about the Legend for a minute, but I think it holds up.

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6 years ago

Nene’s Maxi Flap would be the Chanel for me (I carry a lot of stuff).

6 years ago

NeNe is a big girl and even that bag looks overpowering on her.

6 years ago
Reply to  Smithy

Agree. NeNe is super tall so she always wears large bags. I’d love to have that Chanel in my collection too.

?? ?
?? ?
6 years ago

tom ford alix even showed up in the latest and hottest Chinese TV drama “Ode To Joy”

that‘s a big step in our TV circle’s clothes and accessories…

6 years ago
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6 years ago

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The Rice Thins Gown
The Rice Thins Gown
6 years ago

I’m cringing at the possibility of colour transfer between Kris Jenner’s denim jacket and her white Birkin.

6 years ago

I don’t think NeNe’s carrying the Maxi. Looks more like the travel sized Classic Flap from SS16. http://www.chanel.com/en_MY/fashion/products/handbags/g/s.large-classic-flap-bag-metallic.16S.A91169Y6058345002.sto.tra.html

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