Bag: Alexander McQueen Heroine Shoulder Bag

Price: $2,085 via Net-a-Porter

Why It’s the Bag of the Week: Although this design isn’t new, its feels fresh in this totally gorgeous shade of ultra-pale blush, with just enough black edgepaint to define its lines. I much prefer this version of the Heroine to the original tote – the closure is much more functional and intuitive on this shoulder bag.

Here’s actress Amber Heard, leaving The Bowery Hotel in NYC with two of my favorites – her fiance Johnny Depp, and a beautiful, bright blue Alexander McQueen Heroine Python Tote. Strangely enough, Johnny seems to be carrying a bag as well – a manly metallic clutch, perhaps? We couldn’t find a single python version of the Heroine online, but you can get a regular leather version in “Ivory” at Neiman Marcus for $2,595.

This just in: Amber Heard is one year younger than me, and life really just isn’t fair. I know that dating A-listers and acquiring designer handbags go hand in hand, but really, what sort of Faustian deal has this woman made with the universe?! In other news, fresh reinventions of this tried-and-true McQueen design seems to be making a fair bit of traction with celebs lately – we just saw Elizabeth Banks with a lovely, patterned version of the bag last month.

Sharon Stone is FINALLY making the leap to cable TV! (Can you believe she’s avoided it for this long?) Here’s Sharon wrapping up a day of filming for TNT’s Agent X in Vancouver. Sharon is carrying a black Alexander McQueen Heroine Zip Tote, which makes perfect sense because she’s playing America’s first female Vice President – a bag called Heroine seems like an obvious choice, even though powerful women in politics sometimes catch flack for carrying expensive bags. You can get Sharon’s stylish Alexander McQueen bag for $2,085 at Neiman Marcus.

Sharon might also be carrying a Miu Miu bag in the same hand in a couple of these photos, but we can’t get a good enough look at her second bag to give it a proper ID. Sharon Stone fans: be aware that Agent X is the working title for this show – I noticed it shares its title with an obscure (and completely unrelated) Marvel comic book series, and I can’t imagine Marvel will just let that slide. If you love TV bag-watching and highly charged political dramas, do check out Amanda’s study of Scandal’s Olivia Pope and her handbag habits.

Elizabeth Banks was seen leaving The Today Show studios last Thursday morning with a beautifully patterned Alexander McQueen Heroine Tote. You can get Elizabeth’s bag in basic white calfskin leather for $2,595 at Nordstrom. The Heroine made its debut back in 2012, and while we’ve seen it carried by plenty of A-list celebs over the past two years (Jessica Chastain, Lady Gaga), I can’t help thinking this bag should’ve been way more popular than it was/is. It comes in such an alluring variety of patterns and colorways, but perhaps there’s too much stylistic overlap with other bags on the market.

Elizabeth is currently making the rounds to promote her voiceover work in “The Lego Movie”, which, much to my astonishment, is receiving rave reviews across the board. That’s quite a feat for a children’s movie AND a film about Legos. So rest easy knowing that if the kiddos in your life drag you to see this flick over the coming weeks, it won’t be absolute torture.

Oh, Lady Gaga. Here’s her ladyship exiting her hotel in London, tempting fate and testing the patience of fashion lovers everywhere with a particularly outlandish hat choice. (I enjoy how all the Brits in these pics look particularly blasé about the whole situation.) When regarded individually, everything she’s wearing is pretty amazing, though I contend that her hat belongs in a museum and not on the head of an actual human being, for obvious reasons. Her bag of choice for this outing is a beautiful, glossy black Alexander McQueen Honeycomb Heroine Satchel. You can pick up the tote version of this bag for $3,209 at FarFetch.

Lady Gaga was a friend of the late, great Lee McQueen before his untimely demise, and her song “Fashion of His Love” is a tribute to the designer. She remains an ardent McQueen enthusiast, and made headlines in 2012 when she paid over $130K for a McQueen gown from Daphne Guinness’ personal collection at a charity auction; the most anyone has ever paid for any McQueen item.

Of all the bags that we’ve seen translated from women’s signature styles into men’s briefs, duffels and weekenders, the Alexander McQueen Heroine Satchel wasn’t one that I expected to ever find on that list. It seemed too curvy, too detailed to make the jump, the closure too cumbersome for the kinds of functional requirements men usually make of their bags. (Believe me, we’re willing to put up with a lot more than the dudes are.) And yet, here’s the Alexander McQueen Full-Grain Leather Holdall, proving me wrong.

For this bag, the team at McQueen smoothed out the Heroine’s signature curves into an angular trim finishes the front flap. That’s not the only notable modification to the flap closure, though; instead of using it as a cover for the top of the bag, the dudes get theirs moved to the front pocket in favor of a zip-top closure that makes accessing your belongings much simpler. After all, who wants to be forced to take your arm out of a bag’s straps and sit it down in front of you in order to be able to access literally anything inside of it? This men’s interpretation preserves the signature handle-threaded flap but makes the bag a thousand times more functional. Looking at it now, I’d never guess that it’s derived from a women’s style if I didn’t already know. Buy through Mr. Porter for $1,995.

Before she was a Dancing With the Stars castmate or a two-time Bravo reality star, Lisa Vanderpump (along with her husband Ken Todd) was simply a humble restauranteur…successful enough to live in a palatial Beverly Hills mansion. Here are Lisa and Ken scouting a location for a new restaurant in West Hollywood. Lisa is carrying a metallic gold Alexander McQueen Whipstitch Tote and wearing the Christian Louboutin Figurina Boots. Both of these designer goodies are no longer available, but you can shop both Alexander McQueen and Christian Louboutin via Net-a-Porter.

Lisa’s second Bravo show, Vanderpump Rules, is about to start production on its second season – are you stoked? As far as I can tell, the popular consensus on this show amounts to: “MEH.” Thoughts?

Lis Vanderpump carries a gold Alexander McQueen Whipstitched Tote while scouting a new restaurant location in West Hollywood (1) Lis Vanderpump carries a gold Alexander McQueen Whipstitched Tote while scouting a new restaurant location in West Hollywood (2) Lis Vanderpump carries a gold Alexander McQueen Whipstitched Tote while scouting a new restaurant location in West Hollywood (3) Lis Vanderpump carries a gold Alexander McQueen Whipstitched Tote while scouting a new restaurant location in West Hollywood (4)

Brazilian model and Victoria’s Secret Angel Alessandra Ambrosio looked extremely smart at her birthday celebration at Bagatelle restaurant in LA last week. Alessandra rung in her 32nd consecutive year of superior good looks in an ensemble that paired the classic, statement-making Alexander McQueen Crystal Britannia Union Jack Skull Clutch with a long sleeved white minidress and nude Saint Laurent pumps. You’d hardly suspect that a mere two days lady, she’d be boho-ing it up at Coachella in a crop top and pink Daisy Dukes. If you feel like treating yourself to an early b-day present (or because it’s Tuesday), this Sarah Burton-designed McQueen clutch is available for $1,895 at Neiman Marcus.

You can also splurge on the blue version of Alessandra’s Saint Laurent Leather Pumps for $625 at Net-a-Porter. Legs to there, millionaire boyfriend, and flawless Brazilian model bod sold separately.

Alessandra Ambrosio carries an Alexander McQueen Union Jack Skull Clutch to her birthday party in LA (1) Alessandra Ambrosio carries an Alexander McQueen Union Jack Skull Clutch to her birthday party in LA (2) Alessandra Ambrosio carries an Alexander McQueen Union Jack Skull Clutch to her birthday party in LA (3) Alessandra Ambrosio carries an Alexander McQueen Union Jack Skull Clutch to her birthday party in LA (4)

The stars flooded Paris airports this week on their way to Paris Fashion Week, and the French paparazzos are ready and waiting. Here’s actress/the Olsen twins’ little sis Elizabeth Olsen just after landing in Roissy Airport. On her right shoulder, you’ll notice she’s carrying a chic, black Alexander McQueen Heroine Shoulder Bag, and she also seems to have a Chanel Large Quilted Tote in tow. You can purchase the Heroine bag for $2,625 at Neiman Marcus. (Splurging on an authentic McQueen bag is ALMOST as good as going to Paris Fashion Week, right?)

Elizabeth had a coveted seat at the Louis Vuitton runway show during PFW – and, one can assume, an open invitation to an untoward amount of Parisian after-parties. I’m going to pretend I’m not insanely jealous.

I’ve got a major crush on many of the upcoming Alexander McQueen bags, but this bag is not on that list. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t like this clutch – the shape is quite beautiful – but it’s not on my want-it-now list. When I first saw it, I couldn’t tell what the pattern was. Upon further inspection, the entire clutch is taken over by an outline of a dragonfly.

While many insect-detailed accessories are in-your-face, this pattern is demure and flies under the radar. I love the fact that the colors are very neutral and versatile, and the silk-satin gives an elegant finish. Price is $525 via Net-A-Porter.

Fill in the Blank: The Alexander McQueen De Manta printed silk-satin clutch is ____.

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