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  • Usa Lala


  • b

    Reminds me of that big lv lock it bag. I think that’s what it is called.

  • Guest

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  • ling


  • rayouxx

    I also love it ^^
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  • Sofia

    It looks ver much like the LV Lockit

  • D

    Might look like LV Lockit but it certainly is much prettier…at least I think it will hold up it’s shape better…

    • Yes you’re right, it does – I added a little about that in the article now!

      This bag has a tad more structure which should hold up better, especially the bottom corners and the wider top – you can see the structure in the bag at those points

    • Stina Sias

      I agree I’ve been sort of vacillating back and forth on the Lockit but I almost like these better

      • MikaelaGilbyivu

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  • ElainePG

    The pink version is super pretty, and I love it with the silver hardware. Thanks for featuring this bag… it had slipped right past my radar!

  • T.U. A.

    am I the only one who thinks it looks like VBH’s Brera???

  • Cara M

    I’m really liking the mini

  • Maya

    Not jumping around with excitement…banal…

  • Sarah

    Really liking these!

  • Vbogaert

    I just bought this bag rom a local boutique, funny on the saks website it says lined in suede, but mine is lined in twill. But I’m ok, the store was doing their annual friends and family so I got it for 20% off. It’s gorgeous, and really comfortable bag. Very lightweight, but sturdy feeling.