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  • weaslgrl

    This is the first LV bag ever that has actually tempted me — it’s gorgeous! I’ve never been an LV fan; its omnipresence and in-your-face logos have caused me to mentally devalue the brand (not entirely LV’s fault, because, knock-offs). So I have a hard time swallowing the $4k+ price tag for what I’ve been trained to perceive as a commodity. I think LV is headed in the right direction, but it will take time for people like me change their perception & be willing to shell out the big bucks that I save for Bottega or Hermes.

  • Sandy

    This bag is fantastic! I love the look, the capacity that it will hold, the strap options, and the colors! I was saving up for a Chanel Boy Bag…but this bag is making me reconsider. I know the lockit has been around for some time….who thinks this version has staying power?

    • Mika

      Staying power doesn’t really matter. The bag has a classic and timeless look to it. Even if this style doesn’t catch on, it’s still a beauty to be used and loved by whoever owns it for a long time. I believe a classically styled and well made handbag transcends time and trends.

  • Guest

    Megs, do you know if there will be different sizes released. The only reason I ask is that the bag Karlie’s carrying looks smaller than Reese’s and the advertisement. Maybe it’s just the angle, but to me the size looks different.

    • Guest

      Karlie is 6’1, Reese is 5’1… same bag’s going to look different when carried by such different frames

  • Zezza

    Pricey but devine ….. A timeless, elegant handbag …. You can’t beat a Vuitton

  • Rada

    It’s a beauty. Vuitton has a potential hit here if they play this right. The price is steep for a slouchy and rather casual bag style. I suppose they’re going for a casual luxe vibe. I would’ve priced this in the mid to high 2000’s with the option of increasing the price for color blocked and exotic skin options. One thing’s for sure, this bag is covetable.

  • Rashmi

    I agree with some of you here. It’s a beautiful bag but the price tag will not lure a lot of customers. In fact it may shoo them away. This bag should be in between 2800-3500 dollars if LV wants to make a ton of money. Or maybe the reason they’ve priced it so high is because they want to make it “Exclusive” I hope the LV team realizes this before it’s out on the market otherwise they might have to go the Mulberry route decreasing the price.

    • Mika

      Precisely. 4k is a lot of money regardless of whatever demographic Louis Vuitton is trying to lure. The ubiquitous but still desirable Céline luggage tote started out at a much lower price point than it commands these days but that allowed people to actually buy it and with demand and luxe options, the price increased justifiably. Releasing the Soft Lockit which is a rather plain, albeit beautiful bag at 4000 is sort of Vuitton’s way of saying “we’re only letting a select few into our luxurious world”. That can turn off a lot of customers.

  • Edía Paff

    actually the bag goes for 2880euros in germany and its kind of a normal price for a leather bag in luxury retail. you can buy it here already ;3

  • Guest

    At a glance, I thought it was Kate Spade…

  • Webaj

    I really liked the bag when I saw it in Saks in NYC a few weeks ago (so much for available in July) but I agree about the price. If it were priced around $2000 or $2500, the black one would have been mine, but for over $4000…well, that is almost half-way to a Birkin. At least I know a Biirkin will retain its value.

    • Lee

      Still very affordable price for rich and Chinese!!! Cheers!

      • LucyBlakeesas

        just before I looked at the receipt ov $8130 , I
        didn’t believe that my sister woz like actualy bringing in money part-time from
        there pretty old laptop. . there aunts neighbour has been doing this 4 only
        about 22 months and at present repayed the mortgage on their appartment and
        bought themselves a Chrysler . see here M­o­n­e­y­d­u­t­i­e­s­.­C­O­M­

      • Dylan Propst

        What a classy thing to say…..

  • shueaddict

    Looks like Reese W. has already gotten her initials on hers. Good for her! Looks like she’s milking her Oscar winner status for all it’s worth.

  • Seres

    The droopy sides (which is a clever play on the gusset trend that won’t die) don’t seem to stack up with carrying judging by Reese & Karlie’s photos. Straightened out the Lockit is just a tote.

  • Joanna

    How cute is the fuchsia shade but for the price tag not so much. It kinda reminds me of the Givenchy handbags.

  • Stephanie

    WOW over $4,000 for that!?? no thanks

  • Bir

    Truth is………….. They took to long they saw hermes triumph with leather then Celine LVMH then puts mot at out and then starts making Vuitton haute marroquinerie I have to say vuittons new direction exploiting the trunk/Malle heritage maybe the key imitating classics from other houses looks too much like a desperate move

    • 4theHighHeels_4theRawDeals

      You raise some great points actually . . .

  • klynneann

    I love the quetsche color but this bag is too big for me and the price tag is too high.

  • “1. Fill one of those LV’s with Minties Dental bones.
    2. Send it!”

  • 4theHighHeels_4theRawDeals

    Oh, I so love this bag!!!

  • Jasmin

    Looks like the Givenchy Antigona! Yup, it will be a top seller! Not surprised since Givenchy is a subsidiary of LVHM! Expect to see a lot more of this shape, with different fabrics, and hardware options! Very classy!

  • tess

    LVHM has owned Celine since the late 80’s but not until Philo came on board did the bags start to get the status LVHM was hoping for (which is why the bags have continually increased in price). It has nothing to do with more expensive materials and costs, it is the desire of the brand, and so the price of this LV does not shock me at all (not that I believe it to be worth it). :) And please let me know where one can purchase a Birkin for 8K. ;)

    • tess

      I meant LVMH whoops

    • Mandy

      Small Birkins (25) start around $6,500….

  • Beach Doodle

    The LV soft lockit in magnolia was offered to me by my SA from the Rodeo drive, Beverly Hills boutique 3 weeks ago and I let go of it. My SA mentioned that their boutique and one in NY were the only 2 that got the new coveted bag. The bag is too big for me but the color was sooooo enticing.

  • K

    A beautiful bag at another outrageous, “can’t touch me” price. No, thanks. I love many premiere designers and fully appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into a beautiful handbag, but there’s a limit. Give me a break.

  • LC

    Beautiful bag. But damn, $4100 price…..

  • pinget

    Wouldn’t their average customer run screaming if they simply understood that veau means veal, i.e. this is the skin of a baby cow?

  • Missmoimoi

    Reminds me of large Tods DD bag or Longchamp Le pliage cuir. Gorgeous but really steep for soft casual tote.

  • missmoimoi

    I admired the Galet & Framboise today. They are nice but I don’t quite understand the fuss and the inflated price. It’s ok…like it’s really nice but just because it’s LV I guess the price tag has to be sky high? If I had money to burn, I’d pick Magnolia or Quetsche?

  • nyc81_gal

    LV is not Chanel. It never will be. I can justify spending 5k on a chanel but not 4k on a LV. Besides, they have become unoriginal. Why introduce a bag that looks so much like the Givenchy Patagonia? No thanks, I’ll get myself a Boy bag instead. Or save a lot more for a Birkin. LV is like a Benz..most people can afford it at some point in ther life. Chanel is like a Bentley..very few, far and beyond. A statement that you’re getting there. Hermes is like a Rolls Royce Phantom. When you have one, you have arrived.

    • Mary Ann

      you must not know the quality of a Louis Vuitton!’ That’s sad for you