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  • Guest

    There is absolutely nothing gender-neutral about EJ; he likes to wear women’s clothing and women’s accessories. His personality is fierce but his styling is usually tragic. Love him but wish he’d get a personal tailor and stylist.

    • SeeJay

      Agree. His choices are awful!

      • dykes90

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    • psny15

      EJ is a pure example of how money can buy you designer items but zero class/style – cheap hooker chic?

      • Irene

        Agree 100%. Glad someone said it. He looks crazy IMO. Looks like a store mannequin with super expensive obvious labels thrown on. Spoiled rich brat blowing Magic’s money.

      • psny15

        I think people now a days are scared to say anything as it may effect homosexuals or transgender but the reality is that crazy is crazy regardless of gay/straight/trans

        He is trying to create a Kardashian empire for himself and more power to him but can u imagine some real person trying to dress like him and follow in his footsteps inn any city in the US?????? LOL

    • Katy

      Every time there is a post about EJ, it’s inevitable that there will be negative comments – even when it’s wrapped inside of a supposed compliment. I’m not certain what the real root of the displeasure with him and/or his style is coming from but he’s young and has years to change his ways or hell, maybe he doesn’t give a damn what anyone thinks and will dress this way forever. I’m certain everyone with a snide remark has always conformed to other’s opinions about their lives – how exhausted you must be with living for other people’s approval. Let EJ live!

      • Tâm

        I agree 1000%. Love It! Be Your Authentic Self! And As A GAY MAN With An Androgynous Style, I Love Both The Compliments And The Questionable Looks I Receive….

    • Jerri R

      Are people afraid to call his style feminine?

  • ECooper

    Does anyone know what Gigi Hadid’s nail polish is?

    • TexasST

      It almost looks like that new powder chrome that people are using on Instagram.

  • Imgoingbroke

    Reese looks like perforated bucket bag kinda girl, doesn’t she?

  • Loupdeloo

    LOL, I love Reece Witherspoon and her bag charms with her initials. She is SO SOUTHERN. Bless!

  • Yazi

    I don’t think Johnson is gender neutral at all. It would be nice to see other men being featured here.

    • psny15

      i view EJ as a cheap hooker regardless of gender

      • Yazi

        While I wouldn’t go that far, it’s hard not to wince at his sartorial choices. The effect is more embarassing than aesthetic.

  • psny15

    how i love that wicker bag – very nantucket!

  • seres

    Whether EJ’s clothing is gender-neutral depends on acceptance. Now, when a woman wears a suit in neutral colour she is considered to be wearing gender-neutral clothing. However, in the 1930 – women wearing the same thing would be described as wearing men’s clothing. Trousers only became gender-neutral when it was became accepted and commonplace. In sum, I think both Emily and the commenters are correct :)

    • psny15

      i suppose you are right but dressing feminine or masculine are different from dressing like a hooker


  • Kali

    EJ dresses horrible and nothing neutral about the outfit he has on. Nightmare.
    I love Reese style, she never looks like cheap ho. Because there are a lot of cheap looking ho in Hollywood.

    • psny15

      yes, EJ dresses like a chap hooker despite spending thousands on clothes, EJ should transition and embrace his feminity. caitlin jenner dresses very well

  • Jess

    I have said this a few times, sorry… I love everything about EJ Johnson. Why pick a gender when you can be EJ JOHNSON ;)

  • Sara

    Love Gigi’s Versace. She seems to favour it lately.

    • psny15

      beautiful bag – why have the versace bags not caught on?

  • Jerri R

    Gigi = Perfection