When starlets, supermodels and It Girls alike take up interest in a particular bag, you can be that it’s going to be massively popular in short order. That’s exactly what happened to the Saint Laurent Sac de Jour–creative director Hedi Slimane released his modernized take on the classic Birkin shape a scant two years ago, and we started seeing multiple celebs carrying it every day from the beginning.

The bag now comes in four sizes and a host of colors and leathers, and many of you requested a Sac de Jour edition of our Ultimate Bag Guides in order to demystify the shopping process. Ask and ye shall receive; check out everything we know about the SDJ below, including prices, size comparisons and where to buy one of your very own.

The Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Bag

Year Created: 2013
Sizes Currently Available: Nano, Baby, Small, Large
Most Recent Price Increase: Spring 2015
Availability: Saint Laurent boutiques and YSL.com, as well as Saks, Barneys, MATCHESFASHION.COM, mytheresa.com, Net-a-Porter, farfetch.com, Nordstrom, Bergdorf Goodman, SSENSE and FWRD

Sizes and Prices

Note: To indicate difference in sizes, these photos are approximately, but not perfectly, to scale.

Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Bag – Nano

8.6″ W x 7″ H x 4.3″ D
Starting Price: $1,990
$1,990 in Grained Leather via Saks, $1,990 in Smooth Leather via Saks, $2,250 in Metallic Leather via FWRD, $2,250 in Bicolor Leather via Net-A-Porter, $2,250 in Croc-Embossed Leather via Bergdorf Goodman, $2,550 in Silver-Studded Leather via mytheresa.com, $2,950 in Black-Studded Smooth Leather via Saks, $2,950 in Mini Silver-Studded Leather via mytheresa.com, $2,950 in Leather-Trimmed Leopard Calf Hair via Bergdorf Goodman, $2,990 in Black-Studded Grain de Poudre Textured Leather


Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Bag – Baby

10.1″ W x 8.2″ H x 5.1″ D
Starting Price: $2,590
$2,590 in Grained Leather via Nordstrom, $2,590 in Smooth Leather via Nordstrom, $2,790 in Metallic Leather via mytheresa.com


Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Bag – Small

12.5″ W x 9.8″ H x 6.4″ D
Starting Price: $2,750
$2,750 in Grained Leather via Nordstrom, $2,750 in Smooth Leather via Saks, $2,950 in Leather with Studded Trim via Saks, $2,990 in Metallic Leather via mytheresa.com, $2,990 in Bicolor Leather via Saks, $2,990 in Croc-Embossed Leather via mytheresa.com, $2,990 in Leather-Trimmed Suede via Barneys, $2,990 in Python-Embossed Leather via Barneys, $3,150 in Tiny Silver-Studded Leather via Nordstrom, $3,690 in Zebra Calf Hair via mytheresa.com, $3,690 in Solid Calf Hair via mytheresa.com, $3,790 in Silver-Studded Leather via Saint Laurent, $3,790 in Smooth Calf Leather via SSENSE, $3,950 in Leopard Calf Hair via mytheresa.com, $3,950 in Leather-Trimmed Leopard Calf Hair via Barneys, $3,990 in Black-Studded Leather via mytheresa.com, $3,990 in Star-Studded Leather via mytheresa.com, €23,500 in Alligator via mytheresa.com


Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Bag – Large

14.2″ W x 10.7″ H x 7.4″ D
Starting Price: $3,490
$3,490 in Grained Leather via MATCHESFASHION.COM, $3,490 in Smooth Leather via Net-a-Porter, $3,590 in Suede via Barneys


Size Comparison


Commonly Available Materials




Currently Available Colors






Interior Views


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  • Khaya

    I LOVE your bag guides!! This is awesome, thanks for the information!

    • Glad you like them!

      • Aqila

        Would love to share on my chat page..x

  • Louise

    L-O-V-E these posts
    love love love
    please do one about Fendi!!

    • Our next one is going to be on the Fendi Peekaboo!

  • This bag guide is so helpful. For me, this was an easy bag to pass up on because there are so many quite like it that arrived in the market earlier like the Prada saff totes and 2jours. All the same, it’s a pretty bag

  • Not sure if you guys already did on on the Celine bags. I would love to know more since the prices are a little harder to research! xx

  • Polly

    OMG, I´ve been planning to buy the Sac de Jour for almost one year now.. but I just couldn´t decide on which size I wanted.
    Now, I made my mind; baby!
    THANK YOU SO MUCH for this amazing post.. I´ll be going to Turkey in two weeks and finally will get mine, in black!
    Do you think the SDJ baby will be much bigger than that Nano Celine Luggage tote that Kendall Jenner loves to carry all around?

  • This is THE luxury bag I have been wanting for months already and it is so depressingly expensive… I would love a small or large (would have to test on my laptop first), in textured black or smooth black & white leather combo.

  • tata

    this is a great post! thank you! so helpful!

  • yinkus

    I love this post so helpful

    • yinkus

      especially the size comparison section

  • Sandy

    This post is very timely as I am going to buy the small SDJ black with cobalt blue lining or the small Antigona in black sugar leather this week. I already have an Antigona so the SDJ is very tempting. My issue is longevity. So many YSL or Saint Laurent Paris bags have been hits for a short time and then vanished. Anyone have any opinions on the lasting relevance of the SDJ? I love the post by the way!!

    • Barrie Beth

      I can’t make a decision either. But I disagree about YSL going out of style. This bag is meant to look like a Hermes, like a classic. And I think it does. I also love the Anigona but I feel that is less classic and will look outdated in a year. If I were you and weight didn’t matter I would get the SDJ.

  • Barrie Beth

    Great guide!

    I’ve heard this bag is really heavy? Is that true? I’ve been searching for months for just one bag for real life uses. Almost got the luggage but it seems to be on its way out or is now considered out of style. This seems like a classic.

    • AA

      It’s super heavy, I bought the large and had to get rid of it!

      • Barrie Beth

        Thanks so much. That was a big help. I REALLY need a light bag as I only carry one bag for work, play, day & night.
        I’m willing to spend $2,000 on a bag and still can’t find one I love!
        What do you carry?

      • Emma

        Hello. The new Sac de jour are now lined with leather and not suede so check it out! / small Sac de jour owner from Sweden

  • FashionableLena

    I like the baby size, but for some reason, I can’t seem to make the commitment. Other bags just keep turning my eye.

  • Amanda

    These guides are amazing. Most of the designer websites are terrible for comparisons.

  • jane

    mini antigona or nano sac de jour (in black) ?? :)

    • Stefanie

      SDJ hands down!!

  • Suzanne

    i kind of like it but it is SO HEAVY!! with nothing in it!!

  • Denise

    I really want it in violet!

  • Aforallie

    Does the lock have a function or is it just for decoration?

    • The lock and key might work as a set, but I can’t see anything on the bag that they’d actually keep shut.

      • M

        The lock can be used to close the double zipper of the middle compartment. And there is a place for the keys inside the bag, a snap closure system.

  • shanna

    you def need to do more of those bag guides!!! please!!

    • More are coming as fast as we can make them!

  • L.O.

    It’s a great bag. Classic looking, functional, and comes in a variety of colors and fabrics. To the meat and potatos. Yes it looks like the Berkin, your jeans also look like Levi’s. Point, everything looks like something unless you’re the first. It does have some weight to it. It’s all leather lined with suede and has great structure. Stop comparing the weight to bags that aren’t leather, have less structure, and are totes that are hollow and flimsy. Look at it as gold, measured in weight. Don’t go sticking your laptop in a bag that’s not a laptop bag, although it will fit in a large, iPad in the small size. Overall it’s a great bag and something different that not everyone has….yet. BTW, Heidi Slimane is a genius in the fashion world, read any article about him or what he has done for Saint Laurent and you may have a different opinion about Saint Laurent and not YSL from Tom Ford.
    Great guide btw.

  • anon

    Lovely. Very helpful! I request either a Balenciaga or Valentino guide:)

  • Marni

    Could you please include measurements in centimeters ?! Only America uses inches etc I only know meters

  • Marvis

    I just bought the large lipstick red at TheRealReal today –it looks big –but the small seems a bit “small” in real life –Birkin is outside my price range unless I stop adding new ones & I love lots of bags—this is the best guide ever!!!!

  • Barrie Beth

    I finally got my baby black SDJ today. I wavered between the this, the luggage tote and the antigona. Def love it more than the Givenchy. But I wish the baby came in navy or better colors. I would have prefered this bag in a color. The black is a bit boring. But I do still love it. Hopefully they will come out with better colors for the fall.

  • Sparkletastic

    LOVE YOUR BAG GUIDES! Even though I’m not interested in this bag, I wanted to say how helpful these posts are! Keep ’em coming!!!

  • khald

    Are the straps of Nano, Baby and Small in the same length?

  • AGen

    I have a small in the royal blue, smooth leather and it is a gorgeous bag! Great pop of color. I love the bag guides. thank you.

  • PV

    Hey ! I love the sac de jour large bag , but right now I am extremely torn between choosing this or fendi 2 jours? I don’t baby my bags at all so will Saint Laurent be better than Fendi? Or vice versa?

  • Lwy

    I love your bag guides, so useful!!! I can’t decide between Givenchy Antigona in small (don’t think I will go for mini because it doesn’t have the metal bar on the straps) or the SDJ in nano. Both in black. They are both classic looking and good size for my day-to-day use (shopping etc). But I also want to use them in special occasions or nights-out, basically an all-rounder. I am quite a clumsy person so my bags can get scratched quite easily, also, what I really like about the Antigona is that it has a zip, whereas SDJ only has a padlock that might not be very practical. But owning a YSL will be my dream come true… I SIMPLY CANNOT DEICDE…

  • carolyn Karten

    what do you think of the large sac du jour in nude powder color?

  • sherry

    Which designer handbag do you recommend me to buy that be classic and can be worn day and night for every day use for a 58 years old woman?

  • disqus_cASkmbkxiQ

    Would you recommend the Smooth leather for daily use, I’m planning to get one? thanks !

  • Morgane

    Thanks for the info ! This is really well structured ;) It is a pity that they do not make the large size anymore

  • Does anyone know if the alligator is real, or embossed? I saw that they labeled the croc bag as “embossed”… Is that the same case for the alligator?


  • Dwightinha

    Love my black, small, embossed crocodile one. Such a practical and functional bag.

  • baxi

    A lot of the “Baby” sizes have that middle divider with the zipper. Do you know if this is an older style or new one? The one you show is the one I want: without the divider.

  • Jeannette van Zee

    I was so happy with my “it”-bag. But it became loose and ugly. On my request to get it refurbished I got a very disapointing answer (see below). YSL admits that the quality of the first version wasn’t good enough. I tried to get in contact again, but the company doesn’t react on my emails anymore. What to do?

    reaction YSL:

    “The construction of the Sac de Jour has changed a lot over the years. The first version (the one that she owns) did not have arigid structure that should keep this in time. Since the skin with which it is made is fairly soft and tends to be more and morewith use, the bag tends to sag to assume a more sporty appearance with the passage of time, in this case ,we cannot take action to refurbish the bag”


  • Helen Kim

    Does anyone know the interior material? I know its often suede but is it always suede?