This seems like an especially flashy celeb handbag roundup, mostly because so many people carried multi-thousand dollar handbags to LAX, PCW, or various international summer soirees. And, of course, several of them did so while on the arms of their significant others or spouses, who all happen to have multi-million dollar net worths. (Have you ever noticed that one of Google’s first three auto-suggestions for any celeb’s name is “net worth?” Right after “feet?” It’s disturbing.) Also, we have a photo of Hiddleswift, as well as Hilary Duff exiting a helicopter, which basically triples the luxe factor of any blog post that is already about extremely luxe handbags.

Céline Dion
Gucci Padlock Top Handle Bag
$2,690 via Gucci

Here’s Céline Dion, leaving the Royal Monceau Hotel in Paris with an teal green Gucci bag with embossed logos that perfectly matches her teal-green-everything ensemble.


Emily Ratajkowski
Burberry Buckle Mini Crossbody Bag
$1,495 via Nordstrom

Model/actress Emily Ratajkowski was recently spotted carrying this tiny Burberry mini. It is so small, simple and understated, I can’t even believe there’s a place for it in this crazy world of oversized Chanel Flaps and exotic Birkins.


Givenchy Love Tote
$1,590 via Saks

Here’s Eve (!!!) leaving LAX after being abroad for some time. (Her husband is English, so she might’ve been spending some time there.) She’s carrying a big, bold Givenchy Love Tote.


Hilary Duff
Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Tote
$2,650 via Barneys

Why yes, this is Hilary Duff, stepping out of a helicopter with a sweet pale pink Sac de Jour. She’s actually on set for her show Younger, which was filming at the 30th Street helipad in Manhattan.


Lily Becker
Valentino Lock Bag
$2,195 via Net-a-Porter

Lily Becker carried this studded white Valentino bag to the annual summer fete at the Serpentine Gallery in London with husband Boris. They’ve been married for seven years, which is basically a century in celebrity years.


Portia de Rossi
The Row Drum Duffel Bag
$4,600 via Saks

Portia de Rossi was recently spotted carrying this leather mini duffel bag through LAX.


Taylor Swift
Louis Vuitton Cruiser Bag

Hiddleswift alert! Taylor Swift carried this Louis Vuitton Cruiser through LAX, which jibes perfectly with the uber-preppy style the couple has chosen to adopt since hooking up. (Look, he’s even wearing a quilted Polo jacket. HE’S BRITISH.) I personally hope these guys are deeply in love and it lasts forever (which is 8-10 years in Hollywood time), but if this is all fake and they are secretly filming a movie, I won’t be terribly disappointed, and I’ll DEFINITELY see the movie.


Teresa Giudice
Céline Luggage Tote

Finally, we have Teresa Giudice arriving at the SiriusXM studios in Manhattan to promote the new season of RHNJ. She’s carrying a bright orange Céline Luggage Tote, because orange…is the new black? Sorry, couldn’t resist.

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6 years ago

Celine Dion’s style is so underrated. she is so elegant and classy, always looks like a royal.

Megs Mahoney Dusil
6 years ago
Reply to  pat

Don’t forget we did a many bags of Celine recently!!

6 years ago
Reply to  pat

That bag!!!!!! I covet it.

6 years ago
Reply to  pat

Came down to comment on her green Gucci too! What a stunning bag, and she looks impeccable.

Kathryn Pannell
Kathryn Pannell
6 years ago

It looks so classy, i super love it!!!


6 years ago

HEH@that pic of Emily and the creepy moustached dude oogling her hotness!

Lily Lum
Lily Lum
6 years ago

Omg! Taylor’s bag is drop dead gorgeous! I wonder if Meg can provide more information on the bag? Apparently the LV cruiser bag on LV’s website looks kinda different from what Taylor is carrying!

Lisette Fiore
Lisette Fiore
6 years ago

I love this, she looks amazing.


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