Last week, we noticed a slightly modified Yves Saint Laurent Cabas ChYc Bag had just popped up on the Nordstrom website as the Saint Laurent Paris Cabas Classique, and it seemed as though we all knew what kind of changes we could expect for the beloved Cabas ChYc, at least for the season ahead. The big wasn’t quite as tall, and as a commenter noted, the handle bales had been switched from ovals to squares. No doubt about it, that was a different bag, if only slightly different. All was solved, except it wasn’t.

Yesterday morning, the bag above, known as the Saint Laurent Paris The Cabas showed up on Net-a-Porter. (It’s actually still listed as Yves Saint Laurent, but I’m betting that’s simply a biproduct of the branding chaos that Hedi Slimane hath wrought.) This bag is much more clearly influenced by the minimal accessories aesthetic that Slimane hopes to install at Saint Laurent (if his first original bag is any indication) than the Cabas Classique, with the smooth, semi-structured leather and missing stitched panels on the front of the bag. Slimane also added a luggage tag, which seems to be a requirement for every bag these days.

I’m still plenty suspicious of Slimane and his tactics, but this Cabas refresh is much more like what I was hoping to see him do to the brand’s accessories. It’s still a Cabas, but light years more modern. But still, isn’t the Y logo a tad…problematic? And do these changes speak to you, or are you already looking elsewhere for your future handbags? Do both bags need to exist on the same marketplace, or would this version have been a modest enough re-imagining to placate customers? If you’re into this one, you can pick up the medium version for $2,695 via Net-a-Porter. (Price increase ahoy!)

NAP is also carrying a small version with a shoulder strap, below, for $2,350.

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  • Averil Tiong

    I just died of boredom… So glad i bought my cabas chycs before this “reinvention” came about!!

  • karen smith

    The new changes made to it just make it look….tacky, like someone tried to imitate the Cabas Chyc tote but didn’t go “all the way”. It no longer looks like the beautiful simplistic tote that we all fell in love with but rather…a confused imitation from a brand struggling to find its identity.

  • Lara Madeleine

    Hi – I have seen this bag in real life. To be honest, I do not like it. I prefer the previous design and the leather. In fact, I have the large, medium and mini Cabas Chyc in different colors and just adore them. I was glad I got them before the rebranding.

    I have been reading the news on the rebranding. I do not get YSL/Saint Laurent/PPR’s brand strategy. The nomenclature sounds so complex. I wonder if they have considered what their customers want, and not what they want.

    • As someone who always tries to get brand nomenclature right and takes that sort of thing seriously, I can’t even begin to figure out what Saint Laurent wants me to call it at any given time. It’s impenetrably complex, and the brand’s attitude about it is a huge turnoff.

  • twirler

    I was actually looking to buy my first Chyc right before they announced the brand change, and now I am so completely turned off by the whole thing that I doubt I ever will. This whole situation just seems like a big mess, especially with having all of these versions on the market at the same time. And the new price increase- seriously? And why even keep the Y if there is no longer a Y anywhere in the brand name? They’ve definitely lost me as a future customer, though it doesn’t seem like they care!

  • Laura

    The bag is not bad, I like minimalistic features but because of the mess they have created and their I-don’t-care-what-you-think-it’s-what-I-want attitude, I won’t be buying.

  • FashionableLena

    I don’t see anything special enough about the bag to purchase. The luggage tag wasn’t needed and, at least for me, it doesn’t match with the minimalist vibe Hedi is trying to push. I don’t even like the Y because now the closure looks inadequate and not functional.

    • Camila

      I agree, he went for the overall minimalistic design that’s prevailed in recent seasons with a 70´s rock n’ roll hippie chic finish and these bags don’t match the estetics or color palette. Plus, I hadn’t thought about it but the “Y” really is inadequate in every way.

      • Camila


  • Camila

    I was upset when I first heard about the rebranding but now I like the change, it seems less dated in writing. The actual SS13 collection wasn’t anything -from hats to shoes- original but it had some lovely individual pieces and I liked the necklaces (what can I say I’m a 70’s, Led Zeppelin era fan). Not to mention the ad campaign is great. I don´t think Hedi was such a big miss in the “ready to wear” department but with accesories it’s a whole different world. The shoes are an absolute bore, they look like the Versace FW12 platform pumps with a T-strap.The jewelry, scarves, belts don’t say anything. The few bags and clutches I’ve seen on thier website are all simular looking, minimalistic: with some resembling the chanel structured clutch from SS12 (whose name I don’t recall) on the flap. Now these, they are Alexander Wang Pelican Satchel versions of the Cabas ChYc. I keep thinking Hedi is treating YSL as if it were a forgotten about brand that’s he’s trying to resuscitate (when it’s not); starting with the basics (classics). Then all I see is a grouping of “this and that” from other brands. Nothing new, just safe “inside the box” designing. Something like this would work for a second hand brand like Zara who bases thier production on what has already been succesful in high end fashion, but for a brand that carries the Saint Laurent (last) name, it’s just not enough.

    • Camila

      This is me being objective and non-biased. Don’t even get me started about PPR. If all depended on Hedi Slimane’s attitude, I’d say everything is awful and call it a day.

    • Camila

      This is me being objective and non-biased. Don’t even get me started on PPR. If all depended en Slimane’s attitude I’d say everything is awful and call it a day.

  • Sebastien

    I thought I was the only one who caught the shade Net-a-Porter threw at Silmane and the brand.

  • Marina Molar

    It’s horrible. I’m speechless.

  • Sandra

    I have the original and I love my bag. This design is not awful but it certainly is not as nice as the orignal. They took all of the character away, left you with a much less interesting impostor.

  • Sonia

    I love the purple color, although the style is a bit too minimal for my taste!

  • pixiegirlie

    I love the purple but that’s pretty much where my love ends. I loved the old design of the Chyc and wanted to get one. I felt the old design was minimalist with lux materials. They stripped the Chyc of the personality it had design wise. I don’t like the change in leather, where is the texture? This leather seems very generic almost cheap IMO. I also feel like the key fob is completely unnecessary. I guess when you take away the personality of a bag you have to dress it up.

  • Stella

    I miss yves saint laurent! :-(

  • klynneann

    I don’t like it. I so wish I had been able to get one of the originals. :(

  • Brooke

    I am so confused. Does this mean they are still keeping the original Cabas Chyc tote? I was there today and even the sales associate seemed confused. I tried on this new model and it was okay. Maybe it just takes some getting used to. They said the bag is lined in leather so therefore it is more expensive.

  • I was trying to be polite about Slimane and the changes he wrought but this is just plain ugly! So now for a new Cabas Chyc I am going to have to troll vintage shops, non? I worked for YVES Saint Laurent in Couture and I know he is spinning in his grave! If the new consumer cannot pronounce Yves than they should not buy the designs—or just use the YSL initials! I am even going to switch from Yves Saint Laurent makeup if they persist in this stupidity! At least with By Terry I know she is there being creative instead of a copyist.
    In addition, for the first time in my life I actually think the knock-offs/copy bags look better than the real thing—but then again, this is NOT the real thing this is Saint Laurent and NOT YVES Saint Laurent!
    How can the parent company let Slimane murder this wonderful brand? Pretty slimey if you ask me!

  • annoyed

    the old design was much better. This looks…..for the lack of a better term…cheap

  • Irene

    I’m the minority here, I actually prefer this design more to the old Cabas ChYc. I liked (but not loved) the old one and had been holding back to buy one but this new ChYc is now on my 2013 wish list along with Chloe Paraty.

    • Evera Hu

      i like this new one better too and just got a red one! yay!

  • Maureen

    I love the new design and bought a medium in fuchsia. I very much like this new minimalist look! I think the older design was what kept me from buying it though it was always in my wish list – just not a priority. When I saw the new design in fuchsia, I had to have it. I love most of what YSL does however this whole branding mess – you called it right – is just stupid. The Y is iconic and even with the name change I don’t understand how they can take out all the YSL references in their products. I plan to get a Belle Du Jour clutch or two next because I certainly don’t want “SLP” all over it vs YSL. Ridiculous.

  • JanieParker

    i dont like the bag! i even prefer the old one, it looks more better. I don’t understand why Hedi change the name of the brand it is losing the identity of the iconic name YSL or even the Y hardware and the structure of the bag! They also don’t produce wide range of colors like before to make the rebranding minimalist! Saint Laurent would lost a future customer like me, i will switch to but another brand! Saint Laruent ” LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMER TOO NOT ONLY HEDI NEEDS” you are loosing the customer! and the bag that he design is awful it looks like cheap bags i wouldnt spend my money on a plain bag with no signature hardware on! DISAPPOINTED!!!

  • Christine

    I’m torn about this one. I believe in change and understand the move to LA and the rebranding. Look, we are all looking at The Many Bags of…. These celebrities are growing this whole industry.
    But I personally would like to see some brands remain a French institution.