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Strathberry Collaborates With Sarah Jessica Parker on New Collection

And just like that, there's a new Carrie Bradshaw-approved bag in town

Sarah Jessica Parker is no stranger to the fashion world. The actress and star of Sex & the City has collaborated with fashion brands in the past, and additionally, the fashion star has her very own shoe line, the SJP collection, which leverages her iconic character’s shoe obsession. This time, it’s handbag fans who are going to be delighted by Sarah Jessica Parker’s latest partnership with beloved British brand Strathberry.

The Strathberry Boom

Based out of Edinburgh, Strathberry popped up on everyone’s collective radar in 2018 when Meghan Markle was seen carrying the brand. Quickly, the brand’s bags started selling out, and it became somewhat of a frenzy to get ahold of one. The brand’s popularity was the furthest thing from being short-lived. Now, five years later, Strathberry remains a popular choice thanks to its accessible price points, quality, innovation, and of course, style.

Introducing Strathberry x SJP

This month, Strathberry unveils its latest collection, designed in partnership with Sarah Jessica Parker and her footwear brand SJP Collection. Born out of a mutual passion for beautiful aesthetics and great design, Strathberry collaborated closely with SJP to design and execute the collection, and it is a true fashion lover’s dream. SJP will forever be known for her renowned sense of style, her art often imitating life, and it’s that dynamic approach to style that pairs perfectly with the creativity and minimalist aesthetic of Strathberry.

“Partnering with Strathberry has been a rewarding process from the start. Our teams have many shared values, including quality, craftsmanship, attention to detail, and using bold and vibrant colors as neutrals.”

The collaboration features one brand-new shape in two sizes, appearing in stunning hues inspired by Sarah Jessica Parker’s own closet. The City Osette, named after the one and only New York City, evolved from the top-selling Strathberry Lana Osette bag. A classic is redefined, and both the City Osette ($455) and the Mini ($295)
were designed with the fashionable city girl on the go in mind. They can be carried via the top handle or worn crossbody/over the shoulder with the detachable chain strap.

Stunning campaign images capture the true beauty, glamour, and energy of New York City while showcasing the new City Osette bags. View more below and discover Strathberry x SJP now via

Strathberry X Sarah Jessica Parker 2
Strathberry X Sarah Jessica Parker 3

Strathberry X SJP

Strathberry X Sarah Jessica Parker
Strathberry X Sarah Jessica Parker 4
Strathberry City Osette
via Strathberry

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