The Many Bags Of

The Many Bags of Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex

From Actress to Her Royal Highness to Duchess...

Spare, by Prince Harry, was officially released today, and I highly doubt you’ve been able to avoid news and opinion pieces on The Duke and Duchess of Sussex over the past few weeks. This memoir details Harry’s life from his perspective, including the issues leading him and his wife, Meghan Markle, to step down from royal duties and much of the scrutiny they have faced since that time.

But before she was the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle was an American-born actress, most notably known for her role on the TV drama Suits. Once news broke that she and Prince Harry were dating, the following of every aspect of their lives became a prominent feature across media outlets and gave us a look at the outfits and bags she wore.

When it comes to her bags, Meghan, like many other Royals, chose not to carry bags with logo prints. Her style shifted from when she was an actress running a lifestyle blog to a more curated wardrobe for engagements and events. For many of her Royal engagements, the bags she carried were small clutches, which we see other members of the Royal family favoring as well.

Meghan appreciates a great designer bag and has been seen carrying everything from independent labels to classics to British labels as well. After stepping down as an active working member of the British Royal Family, we’ve seen Meghan carrying bags that show a bit more of her personal style and liking, including more standout logo hardware.

Without further ado, let’s look at the many bags of Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex.

Small Brand and British Brand Love

When she was quickly thrust into the spotlight in Great Britain, Meghan opted to carry bags from British designers, which is a great way to use fashion to support local businesses. Strathberry and Demellier are two British brands she was seen carrying more than once, and other small brands were also supported.

Meghan Markle with Strathberry Midi Tote in Tan Bridle Leather

Strathberry Midi Bag
via Strathberry

Meghan Markle Mulberry Clifton Bag In Rosewater

Meghan Markle with her Victoria Beckham Black Mini Vanity Bag

When a well-followed celebrity is spotted carrying a small label, it can be life-changing for that brand. Immediately after carrying this Australian-brand bag, it sold out.

Meghan Markle with her Oroton Avalon Zip Top Crossbody Bag

Oroton Bags
via Net-A-Porter

Meghan Markle with her Rejina Pyo Nane Weave Bag

Meghan Markle with her Altuzarra Ghianda Mini Saddle Bag

Stand-Out Ensembles

The ins and outs of Royal dressing for various engagements are well-thought and planned in advance, including all members of the family set to attend the event. When a Royal opts for a bright and bold ensemble, it is to stand out amongst the crowd, and these are some of my favorite outfit and bag combos from Meghan.

Meghan Markle with her Manolo Blahnik Capri Jewel Buckle Clutch

My favorite looks from Duchess Meghan were when she was carrying these Gabriela Hearst Bags. The all-green look was engrained in my brain, and I also loved the red and purple combo as well. Plus, these bags, one a smaller version of the other, are under-the-radar luxury items.

Meghan Markle Gabriela Hearst Demi Emerald Green Satin Bag

Gabriela Hearst Demi Bag
via Gabriela Hearst

Meghan Markle Gabriela Hearst Nina Bag

Gabriela Hearst Nina Bag
via Gabriela Hearst

Not this exact photo, but from this evening, a photo that defined the couple was born – a picture of the Duke and Duchess in the rain with the light and water hitting just the right way. This clutch isn’t as extraordinary as the picture, it is just fine, but this had to be included!

Meghan Markle with her Stella McCartney Lucia Blue Marbled Plexi Clutch

Her Clutch Game

When attending Royal engagements, there are aides with each person, so it would seem that carrying a bag is unnecessary. However, according to royal insiders, the reason Royals carry a small bag is to have something to hold during awkward encounters when someone wants to shake their hands. This allows the hands to be taken in case the person decides not to shake hands. On top of this, how the Queen placed her bag offered different signals to her team.

Meghan Markle with her Givenchy Cross3 Leather Crossbody Bag

Meghan Markle with her Victoria Beckham Black Powder Box Bag

Meghan Markle J. Crew Bag

Meghan Markle Dior D-Bee Clutch

Meghan Markle Ralph Lauren Ricky Chain Wallet

Larger Bags and Recent Carries

After moving back to California, Meghan has been able to carry bags that most likely are more true to her personal style. We’ve seen a popular Celine bag in her rotation and larger bags, which means the functionality is back in play.

Meghan Markle Valentino One Stud Bag

Meghan Markle Celine Triomphe Chain Shoulder Bag

It’s hard not to compare to Princess Diana and her affinity for the Lady Dior bag when you see Meghan carrying it. This was part of her post-Royal duty life and is a very luxurious bag that holds sentimental value because of her late Mother-in-Law.

Meghan Markle Lady Dior Bag

Meghan Markle with her Fendi Peekaboo

Meghan Markle with her Carolina Herrera Matryoshka Locked L Shoulder Bag


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