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STAUD Has Dropped the Most Unlikely It-Bag of Summer 2024

The Tommy strikes again...

Somewhere between tie-dye sweatpants and all-mob-wife-everything, LA-based lifestyle brand STAUD dropped the most unlikely it-bag of them all.

A beaded, boxy shoulder bag dubbed the Tommy, it first burst onto the scene when Kendall Jenner was spotted with an animal print iteration over her shoulder in late 2019. Later versions would catapult the bag to stardom. Since the Tommy’s release, it has remained a staple for the brand, reappearing each season in new colors, prints, and patterns that are nothing short of delightful.

In an era of constant price hikes and exclusionary pricing, it’s incredibly refreshing that the latest it-bag is not one in the four-figure mark but under the $400 mark. This is actually incredibly fitting, as this model of accessibility is deep-rooted within the brand’s ethos.

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The Tommy quickly became a favorite of the street-style set, too

It But Accessible…

Founded by Sarah Staudinger and George Augusto in 2015, the idea behind the label is that fashion not only should empower women, but be accessible too. The success of the Tommy Bag is a poignant example of why the brand was founded in the first place.

So how did they do it?

For starters, we’re entering a new era of It-bags, where the term means something different than it once did. In the modern digital age, it has become more about the virality of an item than the scarcity of one (though the two can often go hand-in-hand). Couple that with the post-pandemic era of novelty dressing, and it was a perfect storm of sorts.

Novelty That’s Noteworthy

TikTok had taken off, and with it, a revved-up trend cycle. Just as quickly as quirky, colorful dressing reigned, the minimalist movement came in to quiet it down. Despite this, the Tommy Bag’s popularity reigned and largely contributed to the current beaded bag movement.

It’s the youthfulness but not overly kitschy vibe that just works. Prints are playful and fun; just when you think they couldn’t get much cuter, they do. They feel modern and of the moment, but the moment is not fleeting, offering that quintessential feel of novelty reminiscent of Olympia Le-Tan’s iconic Book Clutches, but for a new generation (a Gen that loves to show off their bags on TikTok).

Cult-favorite versions sell for double (or more) than their retail price (like the viral STAUDINES iteration). The brand’s latest must-have comes in celebration of summer, and it has already gained a ton of traction on social media.


STAUD has outfitted the Tommy Bag in a fun, hand-beaded Tomato print on the front and adorable spaghetti detailing on the back. On the interior, you’ll find a checkered-print lining that’s reminiscent of the table cloth your Nonna used line the kids table with for Sunday dinner.

Unfortunately, it sold out in a flash, but a rep from the brand tells us a late summer restock is expected. Sign up to be notified now, or pre-order one of the brand’s other sold-out favorites, which will be back in stock next month.

The Tommy in Swimmers Print, $295


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21 days ago

Yikes. Looks like something you can get for $10 at your local novelty store.

22 days ago

I personally LOVE these! I’ve wanted to get the one with oranges on but never pressed buy and I regret it. Quite hard to buy from the UK 💔

Megs Mahoney Dusil
Megs Mahoney Dusil
20 days ago
Reply to  Georgina

I also think I might need to buy one – they are so fun!! I oddly like the tomatoes, but the oranges are right up my Florida-living alley!

21 days ago

I had a Staudines beaded clutch similar to the Staudines Tommy and it broke the first time I used it. I love the designs so much but haven’t been happy with the quality yet.