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Sit Back and Relax with…..Handbag ASMR?

Yes, it’s a real thing.

There really is no limit to what you can find on the internet. A system that was originally created to centralize all the world’s information and to support human communication has now morphed into some interconnected “place” with customs, lingo, and subcultures of its own. Some of those groups are good, some are bad, some are REALLY bad, and some are just outright odd. But it’s okay. Aside from the most unpleasant things, many people are actually amused by whatever new trend develops on the web, even if it is something they themselves don’t completely understand.

For me, that would be ASMR.

It stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response or more simply put, a pleasant tingly skin sensation that some people get from certain (usually soft) sounds that invoke some type of lesser euphoria or intense relaxation. I always felt that I didn’t really like it but trust me when I say that there are millions of others who do. And they, like, really love it.

In the past ten years, this once niche thing has exploded in popularity and there are now more than 13 million ASMR videos on YouTube alone. No longer confined to a tiny corner of the internet, ASMR artists have gotten extra creative with their noise-making abilities and branched out to chewing, tapping, and scratching anything they can get their hands on ﹘ including their handbags.

Yeah, you read that right.

If you type in ‘Handbag ASMR’ in Youtube’s search bar, you will find tons of videos of people jingling chain link handles, running their nails over various textured leathers, softly organizing the bag’s contents, and even gently restoring a vintage Hermès Kelly Depeche.

When I first stumbled upon these videos, I found them both mildly bizarre and extremely fascinating. I have friends that swear by the awesomeness of ASMR and with the videos’ hundreds of thousands of likes, I figured there must be something I am missing. I thought back, combing through my memories as if they were fairy-tale length locks, in order to remember any instance when I may have experienced this particular sense of pleasure from HEARING my handbag.

Was it the crumbling of tissue paper packed tightly in the box of a brand new bag? Maybe the sound of jewelry gently rubbing against sturdy saffiano? Perhaps the clinking of the hardware on a turn-lock flap closure?


my handbags ASMR part 2 #fashion #handbag #style

? original sound – Brittany Xavier

Hmmm…nope. I can’t say that any of that ever appealed to me in some innate way. Sure, I love the tactical sensation of touching leather and suede but a sound? I couldn’t think of any.

Until I did.

As soon as I remembered the sound of my Lady Dior’s handles, I practically melted into a puddle. Ahhhhhh it’s so soothing! And anyone who owns or has ever handled any version of the Lady Dior knows the exact sound I am referring to; It’s like this really intoxicating click-clack noise that never fails to satisfy me.

There is no explicable rhyme or reason for the enjoyment I get from the sound other than that it is something I associate with the bag itself. So I am here to admit my defeat. You win, ASMR-lovers. I guess I do understand the appeal. I wouldn’t count on me purposefully scratching any of my purses any time soon because…cringe, but I will certainly keep on rattling those handles because that tone will forever be music to my ears.


Luxury Designer Handbag ASMR

? Luxury Bag ASMR – Bryanboy

Go ahead and hop in the comments to tell me:

What do you think of ASMR? Do you find it relaxing or totally off-putting?
What is your favorite handbag sound?


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