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  • KayNicole

    Yes. Yes. Yes. I am in love with this bag.

  • Sara

    I go crazy when I see multiple compartments! Want it.

    • Gloriarbowman1

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  • Irene

    I saw this bag at Nordstrom and played around with it. Not only did the price increase in one month’s time, those interior folding flaps that have to be folded and unfolded with each time you open it, are made of this raw cowhide soft material that I fear will get dirty and dingy from being handled over time. I’m with you on the overall silhouette and structure, but all those issues prevented me from lusting after it.

    • Iréne Shûkriya-Dutta Scharief

      I have the bag for 3 months now and the interior is still as clean as the day I got it.

  • Suzanne

    I also have been massively coveting this bag in the yellow. I kinda want the smaller size though.

  • helping hand

    am in love with this purse. it is in black so you can wear it with anything and big enough. Nice come back. If you are look to stare you own business of selling your own designer handbag and make sure its not fake go http://bfd4c7hfgkh34s2hpbtbt1fjif.hop.clickbank.net/

  • Katy ;P

    Get one!!! It’s absolutely gorgeous

  • W S M

    I love the croc stamped version. They have it in black, red, and grey (reminds me of Saint Laurent’s Fog colour).

  • Eddy Komala

    I got this bag and it’s beyond my expectation! Really love it. The quality,the leather, and the compartments are too die for. And I’ve just realized that they mark up the price for this bag like a month ago. I think Milla will be the classic line. i’m hoping MCM will get into the ‘straps game’ that is happening lately by making and selling optional straps for Milla. Exotic skin maybe?

  • LC

    not liking the strap. why is there a nylon border on it? it would look much better as a solid leather piece.

  • SerenLuv

    I just got this bag in grey last week. It is beautiful and functional at the same time. I have the Gucci bamboo tote and this bag is very similar but with more compartments. The price is great for the quality.

  • Iréne Shûkriya-Dutta Scharief

    I have one and it’s beautiful. The quality beats my Saint Laurent and Givenchy bags. People are complaining about the flaps but if you put your stuff in the main compartments, it shouldn’t be a problem at all. You wouldn’t even have to open the flap at all to reach your things from the main compartments.

  • kringlestree

    I got the phantom grey and I loved it so much that I got the pale mauve. I love the silhouette of the purse and also love the organization. The straps are so comfortable even when I have loaded up the purse with so much stuff. And the price point for an all leather bag, what more can you ask for? I wish I saw this purse even before, looking at the pictures of the different colors that it came out with just love it! :)