We started Purse Blog in the beginning of 2005. Can you believe that? I had no idea what I was doing. One day Vlad set up and site and told me, “Ok, now you can write about bags”. I laugh and almost cringe at my first posts, they are totally different from where we are now. At the same time I love seeing where we came from to get to where we are. We started with 30 visitors a month and now have over 500,000 visitors a month.

Lolli by Reincarnation

One of the first bags I ever wrote about was one of the first “non-designer” bags I loved from Lolli by Reincarnation. All I knew about this brand is that their bags were popping up on celebrities and that I obsessed over the hobo shape. Gals on Laguna Beach, yes this was *that* long ago, were sporting this hobo and I was obsessed. Fast forward to over 4 years later and I am still obsessed. My style has changed over the past 4 years but I continue to love hobos.

Lolli by Reincarnation was brought to our radar with their double ring hobo, which was seen over the arms of Lauren Conrad, Cameron Diaz, and the Olsen Twins back in 2005. While the hype for the brand was high then, I am now reliving my love for the brand. The best part is how affordable the bags are. The lambskin double ring hobos is $300 for the medium size and $398 for the large. Another major plus of this brand is the amount of color options they offer. 88 color options. You read it right. 88 color options. We all love options for our bags and the massive amounts of colors offered by Lolli by Reincarnation will leave you stumped trying to find the perfect color for you rather than wanting more. Lolli by Reincarnation is back on our radar and totally buzz worthy. Learn more and shop at Lolli by Reincarnation.

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  • Sara

    These bags are amazing!!!! You guys should do a giveaway with them!

  • wordbox

    Too funny, I was just thinking about these bags the other day! I even went to their website to look around. I had wanted one waaaay back and I can’t help it, I still think they are adorable. They look so comfortable to carry, and very roomy.

  • I have not seen one in person, but I am thinking for $300 it would be worth it, seeing as how I loved it for about 4 years now!!

  • Charlotte

    These bags are gorgeous i so love the size of them! I love big bags and the slouch of them too, the mulberry mitzy hobo one looks kind of simliar with the size and style and i love the tan colour. This is the website for it,


    Im about to order mine myself!

  • Linda

    I discovered their website and fell in love with their bags about a year ago. I sent them a question regarding a certain color via email and never heard back from them. After that I just gave up looking at them, if a company can’t take a moment to answer a customer’s question I’m hesitant to deal with them. I hope they’ve got better customer service going now.

  • sstellaa

    Blue is nice~

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  • ARK

    Beware of Lolli—they will take your money, run away with it and never give you a bag. I, along with several friends have sadly had to face the fact that we are never going to get our bags. After over a year of trying, I guess its time to give up. I live in NYC and they have closed their store and there is no way of getting in touch with them. Seems like other people have had the same issues…check out the comments here– http://racked.com/archives/2008/11/24/relocations_lolli_by_reincarnation_heads_west.php

  • Denim Jeans

    Nice post. Good points.

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    I love the Eva, but I feel like I can’t wear it as a should purse. It just looks off on me, I guess. Looks much better as a clutch!

  • James

    girl and guy who ran lolli closed up after having a child. i know them. they’re cool. it has to be a misunderstanding. you can reach them at attend.lolli@gmail.com. They still do custom orders.

  • malika

    hi lauren conrad’s hobo bags were not form lolli they were from a stor in laguna beach called m studio or something. i drove to laguna beach and bought one in white and one in black. they are not leather like the lolli bag.