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Let’s Go with the Bottega Veneta Andiamo

Just launched, this bag gives us elegant functionality

The further expansion of Matthieu Blazy’s Bottega Veneta continues with a brand-new bag. This bag, released today, is meant to pair signature elements of the House with a new-age finish, and with this, we have the Bottega Veneta Andiamo Bag. Andiamo, “Let’s go” in Italian, is precisely what this bag is intended for – on-the-go everyday carrying.

Part of the Summer 2023 collection, the Andiamo features the classic intrecciato technique, a staple of the House. The other standout feature is the metal knot, a continuation of the Knot family, that adorns the sliding braided straps, and with this strap, you can secure and carry the bag differently. Depending on how you slide the strap, you can carry this bag over the shoulder, by hand, or across the body.

Going Places

This bag is meant to be part of your daily journey, sharing in the movement of our everyday lives with an elegant and functional bag. The bag is structured but not overly so, and the round corners give off more of a softness and add an inviting feeling to the design.

While micro bags and mini bags are no stranger to the brand, this bag is more about pragmatism. And that functionality reminds us why we turn to bags in the first place: to serve the practical purpose of carrying our things.

The interior of these bags is quite different, as there is a compartmented interior with a zipped pocket and two open pockets (this changes a bit depending on the size you purchase), but this piece of leather is not stationary. In fact, it loosely separates the bag into two interior sides, but slides along the shoulder strap via circular openings. It can not be removed, and as the bag is sitting snug on your body, it does keep its place, but this is one of the first times in recent memory that I’ve seen a bag’s interior designed like this.

The artisan-crafted details remain for this line, with each timeless intrecciato silhouette woven by hand. There are three sizes, small, medium, and large, and a variety of color options as well.

Andiamo in Small, Medium and Large sizes are available in Glacier (a very light teal), Fondant (dark brown),
Barolo (a rich maroon), Travertine (beige green), Inkwell (dark blue), Ice Cream (light pale yellow), and White.

Shop the entire Andiamo selection now!

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