Bottega Veneta Montaigne

Cameron Diaz Bottega Veneta Montaigne The quality of Bottega Veneta surpasses that of almost every other brand. The leather is so incredibly divine and supple it is hard to put into words. Craftsmanship and quality are the two words that describe Bottega Veneta. For fall duffel shaped handbags are all the rage and I have my eye on the most amazing one of all. The Bottega Veneta Montaigne blows every other duffel bag out of the water. It’s beauty and elegance radiates. The shape of the bag is stunning and the woven leather speaks for itself (make sure to click on the image to enlarge). No need to question anything, just know that this bag tops the Purse Blog list for fall must haves. The stunning Cameron Diaz was spotted leaving London’s Boujis nightclub carrying the new for Fall/Winter 2009 Uluru Montaigne Bag. Price is $2280.

Contact Bottega Veneta to inquire 877.362.1715 or visit

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  • Caroline @ Salescoop

    So so so pretty. Your description of its supple leather pretty much says it all. I can tell how soft it is just from a picture…that says something! This is one classic bag that you could wear everyday and never get sick of.


  • oo oo bufbuf

    I love this!!!

  • Lily

    The picture is so divine~~~!!
    This would be the perfect bag for fall!!!

  • wgs

    Love it!

  • Roslyn

    Love it!! Beautiful!!!

  • Julie

    DIVINE!! That colour is TDF.

  • Linda

    There is nothing not to love but the price! Aah! I am personally a hobo style girl, so I am very strongly considering my next bag to be a Prada or Bottega Veneta I just have to find the income! LOL!

  • spanish moss

    divine! divine! divine! it needs me/g

  • BookerMoose

    Great to see the Montaigne getting some good press. I have been in love with the style ever since I saw a picture of a beautiful light pink one (Magnolia) two years ago. The BV hobos tend to get most of the attention but in my mind the Montaigne is THE perfect BV!!

  • jburgh

    Megs – I really like your review and agree with everything you said. I have a few Montaignes and this is a bag that will always be a “go to” no matter how styles change.

  • Beth

    Perfect in every way!

  • kroquet

    Perfect bag!!! I need one!

  • Allan

    you are right that bv leather is so supple and soft that you can shape up the bag however you want. i just acquired a men’s bag/duffel from fall/winter 2009 and you can see from the video link below:

    btw, from which season is the montaigne?


  • codi

    I love this bag. The lock and key is a great touch.

  • gaga4bags

    Beautiful bag, especially in the red. And the price seems very reasonable for BV.

  • dierregi

    Great, fantastic, I love it . Could not be any classier than this…

  • fuchsiafury

    The photo of this bag and the exquisite bag itself are stunning! It’s going to be my desktop wallpaper at work this week! Wow.

  • Kelly1day

    Absolutely stunning and a classic! OMG! I want it now!!!

  • Heather

    It’s okay.

  • Lacey



    My mom was just standing behind me as this image appeared…she said oooooo! We love it!

  • Rufina


    this is half of my monthly net pay after all deductions!

  • michaelstjames

    if you’ve seen one bv bag, you’ve seen them all!

  • otter

    Love it. Want it. Can’t have it. Just bought a house.

  • vbs1521

    I love how the leather looks soft and squishy!!! TDF, definitely. ^^

  • Athena

    I just fell completely in love!Stunning, stunning bag!

  • Mandy

    So glad to hear duffel shaped bags are back! I love this style, but it is hard to find in a really rich looking leather and design. The adjustable handles make it even more appealing. I may have to save up for this, as I think it could be my favorite BV ever. Love the color of Cameron’s!

  • FM

    The bag is nice and all but looks like the LV Speedy……..I could get a Epi for half the price and or the 3 Monograms for the price….Although it is a BV there is nothing special about the design seen i seen all……..

  • Rashida


  • mary

    Look at that leather, it´s perfect! Slouchy and buttersoft….

  • Marissa Cooper

    ohhh the supple buttery soft leather!!!

  • LDJ

    I like it, but it would have been better if it was a louder colour.

  • Mika

    Oh, I love the colour!! And it looks so handy!! =D

  • Jessica Jean Benson

    Would I kill to have this bag. Yes. Yes, I probably would :)

  • sahar

    Perfect bag!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Regina

    What a gorgeous, supple bag! I love Bottega Veneta! :-)

  • Nina

    What color is this one??

  • Kendra

    The tone is nice, but the shape is too simple. (fb)


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  • emme

    a perfect gift for myself….
    i just bought the color elephant…

  • Dj

    Im looking black colour for this montAigne