Bottega Veneta Colors Bottega Veneta has lured us in for years now. The intrecciato pattern, which is their signature woven leather, is known by every fashionista world wide. And the leather, it is so supple it just feels like it will melt when you touch it. If you have not touched a Bottega Veneta bag you must go find one, caress it, hold it, and fall in love with it. If you look odd doing this, simply tell whoever eying you oddly that it is a homework assignment.

We have the woven pattern, we have the buttery soft leather, and the other wow factor from Bottega Veneta is their color choices. From tangerine spring crushes to soothing green to creamy caramel to vivid blue and safari crimson, the colors of the rainbow are carefully picked out by Bottega Veneta. On our must have spring list is a Bottega Veneta Intrecciato bag in any hue of color that pops. Buy Bottega Veneta through Net A Porter.

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  • dela

    My personal favorite is tangerine [it’s not easy to achieve a perfect tangerine shade]. BV craftsmanship and quality are unmatched as well. It is one of the few brands that I feel does not overcharge.

  • gpc

    Craftsmanship and quality aside, I won’t deny them that, but am I the only one who just thinks that the majority of BV bags are just so boring?

  • Sarah

    BV bags have shapes and designs that are based more on practicality and not trend, and that is why some of us adore them to no end. I have 10+ BV bags and have had some of them for many, many years. But if you wear a lot of basics, then imagine one of these bags being that pop of color that everyone stares at as you walk by. That is the power of their bags, the ultimate but quiet luxury.

  • Beth

    Scrumptious! Maybe when I get over my current MJ obsession, I’ll save up and buy myself a BV.

  • BV bags could be called boring, and I get that. But most people call them timeless. That is the joy of owning a BV, it truly is a piece that you will keep in your collection forever – that is not too trendy to have to be boxed up in a few seasons.

  • Urooj

    I love the tangerine color also. I really appreciate their simple structure paired with the intrecciato design and popping color that totally compliment it. Definitely one of the best basic bags out there!

  • Melany Porter

    BV is the ultimate in luxery they never date and l would not not trade any of mine
    for all the tea in China they are made to perfection leather and craftmanship
    TOP quality Hand Made authentic in Italy the older they get the better and
    more supple the leather

  • Otter

    ok. i have two BV bag. pulled the black one out of it’s little dust cover last night and there is a scrach on the woven leather. i have no idea how or when it happened. but, the most disturbing thing is that it is white under the scratch. i cannot believe it. why isn’t it dyed all the way through. i am just sick over it. oh, and it is not a fake. got it at barney’s last fall. i want to cry. am on the verge of filling it in with a black sharpie.

    has this happened to anyone else?

    someone please help or advise!

  • carolyn

    i absolutely adore the colors for this season and the way the bags are laid out on a black background just made the colors popped out even more.

  • zue

    OMG!! dis is scary..

    “And the leather, it is so supple it just feels like it will melt when you touch it”

    me too felt like melting and drowning into those BV bags the other day! first time touch!

    definitely gonna save up for my very first BV.. :)

  • Dayzley

    this bag will definitely be my next bag,so i have to start saving now too.:-) i so loved it and fell in love with it the first time i touched it.

  • Kendra

    The colors are so nice. They’re vibrant to very neutral. I love it. (fb)

  • Jelita78

    i’m still kicking myself for missing out on the royale vanetta collection.. that’s one spectacular bottega alright! (ipad)