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5 Reasons to Buy a Bottega Veneta Bag

In case you needed an excuse...

Prior to 2018, Bottega Veneta was viewed as somewhat of a luxury sleeper brand, known for its timeless designs and tried-and-true classics. Then, BV’s parent company Kering aimed to modernize and brought on a younger, fresher face, who also happened to be a protégé of none other than Phoebe Philo. Almost instantly, a #NewBottega was introduced under the creative direction of Daniel Lee, bringing in a fresh subset of consumers looking for something cool and modern but still possessing that refined, elegant essence. There’s no better time to buy a Bottega, and if you’re on the fence, we’re exploring 5 reasons why you should.

Trendy, But Still Timeless

At the core of Bottega Veneta is a heritage and storied craftsmanship that is unparalleled. Lee has consistently produced handbag hit after handbag hit for Bottega Veneta, focusing on innovation and avant-garde shapes while reinventing classic house codes. However, though he has modernized Bottega Veneta, there is still a continued focus on its refined ethos versus a play on hype-y logomania and other in-your-face trends. Simply put, BV bags are of the moment but still have the power to remain timeless.

Bottega Veneta Cabat Bag
via Bottega Veneta

Color, Color, Color!

Bottega Veneta produces an almost unparalleled range of colors. In fact, the last brand known for this that comes to mind is Balenciaga. And while the brand, of course, offers neutral tones and more understated hues, the wide variety of colors in the Bottega lineup knows no bounds. Not only are there a plethora of options, but the leathers pick up the color so incredibly well. At the moment, few other brands are pioneering color trends like Bottega Veneta. I never dreamed of owning a bright green bag or a pretty purple until looking at the many colors of the Bottega Veneta rainbow.

There’s a Shape or Silhouette for Everyone

Daniel Lee’s eye for detail paired with his ability to play with proportions has worked season after season. While he focuses on avant-garde shapes and the exploration of new silhouettes, he’s also refined the classics. There is the perfect shaped or sized bag for everyone. Love a hobo? The Jodie is for you. What about a go-everywhere crossbody? Try the Cassette. Big bags more your thing? Opt for an Arco tote.

Bottega Veneta Jodie
via Bottega Veneta

Those Who Know, Know, but They Can Still Fly Under-the-Radar

The Hermès Birkin, Chanel’s CC logo, and Louis Vuitton’s iconic Monogram canvas all have something in common; they are not only ubiquitous with the brand, but they are recognizable all over the world, regardless of if you’re a luxury fashion lover or not. However, one thing that Bottega Veneta still has the power to do is fly under the radar. While most luxury lovers know the brand, it isn’t necessarily a brand that everyone would instantly recognize. Devoid of garish logos, BV still has the power to remain an “if you know, you know” bag brand.

Bottega Veneta Cradle Bag
via Bottega Veneta

Daniel Lee is an Accessory Genius

This almost goes without saying, but Daniel Lee is an accessory genius in his own right. His innovation has impacted the handbag world in countless ways, and Lee himself is single-handedly responsible for so many of the accessory world’s current trends, so why not buy into the creator of them? Not to mention, it would be remiss not to mention that there will come a day when Lee moves on, but you’ll forever own a piece of this time in modern handbag history.


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