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The Best Striped Bags to Wear this Summer

Miss Americana...

Stripes are to summer as florals are to spring…groundbreaking. I know that line is severely overplayed, but when it comes to summer, few motifs feel as appropriate for the season as stripes. Stripes truly never go out of style.

While once considered a sporty pattern, thanks to their prevalence on baseball fields and other uniforms, stripes are actually a surefire way to look chic when worn right. Stripes can make a bold statement without being overwhelmingly loud or in your face in the way that other patterns can.

While stripes are always in season and never out of trend, when it comes to bags and accessories, some years there are more options than ever, and summer 2024 is definitely not lacking in the stripe department.

As the season continues, we’ve noticed an influx of stripes, and below, we’ve rounded up over a dozen bags that will pair perfectly with white dresses and monochrome pieces all summer long.



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1 month ago

Love that Celine one!!