For the last few years, mini and micro bags have ruled the handbag kingdom. As a self-proclaimed big bag lover, I have been fascinated as to how handbags got smaller and smaller. How do people carry around their essentials in a bag that looks like it could fit a piece of gum at most? I must admit I never found out firsthand, as the micro trend was one that I skipped. Knowing that fashion is cyclical, I’ve been waiting for big bags to make their way back to the forefront, and I am happy to declare that I believe that time has come.

Browsing my usual handbag haunts online, I noticed that there are more big bags than micro or mini bags—oh how the tides have turned! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been loving and wearing big bags through the micro and mini bag’s reign, but I am thrilled to see big bags making such a comeback. Micro and mini bags are still present, but they’re no longer taking over my screen as I shop online for bags I do not need (but desperately want anyway).

I’ve rounded up my favorite large bags for fall, and get excited big bag lovers because there are so many good picks. I can’t remember this large of a big bag selection in years, and I am personally thrilled about it! The best part? We’ve got options at all price points! Check them out below.

Kurt Geiger Hobo

All Saints Hobo Tory Burch Mercer Hobo Aimee Kestenberg Convertible Tote. Awake Mode Gerda Bag Stand Studio Clutch Isabel Marant Chagaar Tote Saint Laurent Loulou Puffer JW Anderson Chain Bag
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