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  • FashionableLena

    I can’t imagine spending $1000 on a bag that can’t even hold my phone. I was really hoping that this minuscule bags were on their way out.

    • Vlad Dusil

      You clearly need a smaller phone! :P

    • Sparky

      Maybe I’m too practical but I don’t see the point of a nano sized bag either. Seems you could loose it(!).

      Mini bags are functional. I have the mini city bag and its a fantastic everyday bag. Fits all the essentials and then some.

    • emily

      I’ve seen it in person and it actually fits a lot, it probably fits more than a Chanel mini. Like Vlad said, maybe your phone is just to big. And even if minuscule bags were on their way out I’d still get one because the size of bags shouldn’t a be a trend, not that you should follow trends period.

    • memsy

      I completely agree. I don’t see the point of the nano. The mini is small enough.

  • GoBears95

    Is city XL the same size as weekender but with strap?

    • Fawcett Proust

      Yes, I think so.

  • Aly

    I don’t know about the nano… I mean, I think the mini is a bit on the too small side. I ended up selling mine to buy something else. What’s the true function of a nano city other than simply looking ridiculously cute? I guess it’s for visual effect like the tiny Fendi Peekaboo that barely holds lipstick and keys. I sold that one too! lol

  • Jennifer

    Can someone explain the “thing” about these bags? Between the material and the mirror they look like something you’d get at a mid-level department store for $60 in the 90’s…

  • Janaki Subramanyam

    Wow Amanda, thanks so much for this comparison. I have been eyeing the City bag for the past year & have it on my purchase list for this year. Not sure why they bother with a Nano size as it would fit my phone but not much else. This size review convinces me that the Classic City is the size to go for.


  • emily

    I love the nano, it does look small at first glance but I have seen it in person and it is more practical than you think. It fits more than a Chanel mini and various brand’s WOC, I’m definitely considering as my next purchase.