Balenciaga Introduces BB Monogram for Fall 2022

Vintage inspired, of course.


Those who follow Demna Gvasalia and his work at Balenciaga have seen it all in the seven years since he was appointed creative director. Known for his sometimes kitschy, often outlandish, occasionally logo-laden designs, Gvasalia is one of fashion’s most experimental designers. It came as no surprise then that it was he who Gucci and Alessandro Michele called upon to “hack” Gucci.

Inspired by the Archives

It was with Balenciaga’s versions of Gucci’s most-beloved bags that we were introduced to a BB Monogram print. Appearing on the runway at the brand’s Spring 2022 show, the Gucci Jackie and Ophidia bags were Balenciaga-ified, bearing a BB Monogram instead of a GG Monogram.

That Monogram, which is further expanded upon this fall with the brand’s BB Monogram collection, was actually inspired by vintage bags from Balenciaga’s past. Of course, we all know that vintage bags are an inspiration to nearly every major fashion House at the moment, but it’s also not off-brand for Demna Gvasalia either. In fact, the designer’s logo lines (think the Ville and the Everyday Tote) were massively popular during the Gvaslia for Balenciaga heyday.

Balenciaga BB Monogram Fall 2022
image via BagaholicBoy

Though in the last few seasons Gvaslia has focused on less logo-heavy designs like the Hourglass and the Ghost Bag, along with the revival of Balenciaga’s classic Moto bags. But logos are inherent to the House’s DNA, and the old joke, ‘is a bag really Balenciaga if it doesn’t scream Balenciaga?’ exists for a reason. So if you’re a fan of logos, buckle up; BB Monogram is here.

New House Staples, Monogramed

For Fall 2022, Balenciaga gives its new House staples a monogrammed makeover. Silhouettes like the Hourglass, Le Cagole, and Signature Tote appear with a BB print and oblique diagonal motif. Just like other luxury Houses’ signature monogram prints, BB Monogram is shown in coated canvas, but there are also some bleached denim versions, which feel very Balenciaga.

And while the logo love boom of the late 2010s definitely slowed down at the turn of the decade, Monogram never really goes out of style, and Balenciaga, it seems, agrees. Do you?

Discover BB Monogram

Balenciaga Le Cagole BB Monogram Denim

Balenciaga BB Monogram Hourglass Print

Balenciaga BB Monogram Tote

Balenciaga Denim BB Monogram Hourglass


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  1. Benoit Avatar

    Cristóbal Balenciaga would hate this.

    1. Aline Avatar

      Maybe he would hate the design and the shapes of the bags but the double B was his initial logo.

      1. Benoit Avatar

        He would hate the way his logo is used for that unnecessary all-over tacky look. Kering is destroying this brand.

      2. Kelley Avatar

        This would apply to almost most original owners of the brand, from Chanel to Louis Vuitton.

      3. Susan Avatar

        That’s incorrect as the Louis Vuitton monogram was specifically created to cover entire trunks as a means to brand their trunks.

      4. Anon Avatar

        It’s not incorrect in regards to the modern vision of the brand. It was an anti-counterfeiting measure, to let everyone know it was a quality product. the monogram has been completely been divorced from its original intent and ethos.

      5. Anon is Wrong Avatar
        Anon is Wrong

        That’s nonsense.

      6. PasserparLà Avatar

        Your comment makes no sense.

      7. Anon is Wrong Avatar
        Anon is Wrong

        The meaning of the monogram has become a status symbol which the original owner would detest. In fact, all of the original owners would harbor a sense of distaste for today’s overwhelming logomania.

      8. Sally Avatar

        this comment section is getting so toxic and I’m not surprised given the previous comment sections left “unmoderated” which is in quotes because the toxic, classist or microaggressively racist behavior is left up.

        I’m truly disappointed in this blog and how they continue to allow this vulgar behavior persist. It seems you care more about clicks than a healthy and safe environment for bag-lovers.

        I’m taking this site off my ad-blocker whitelist just in case I ever end up on this blog again.

      9. Vlad Dusil Avatar
        Vlad Dusil

        The comment sections are regularly sanitized for toxic comments and aggressive behavior. We have a small team and it may take me a while to address it. Our readers can always flag comments to bring them to my attention quicker.

      10. BroadwayGirl Avatar

        You’re right. The current state of Balenciaga is sad. This collection makes that clear.

  2. SusanB Avatar

    This is so cringeworthy.

  3. Sandy Avatar

    I much prefer the leather versions but the monogram version may be very durable.

  4. Jaime Avatar

    Why was there a need for a Balenciaga Neverfull?

  5. AshleyGJ Avatar

    Their monogram is awful. Looks just like the bags at Ross.

    1. Kristy Avatar

      This was *exactly* my thought when I saw it.

      1. Gina Avatar

        OMG me too!! Lol

  6. Mimi D Avatar
    Mimi D

    Horrible! No can do!