Balenciaga’s Latest Bag is Part Handbag, Part…Sneaker?

Just when we thought we'd seen it all from Demna Gvasalia...


It’s been awhile since Balenciaga tried to troll the internet with an outlandish, but somehow still covetable (to some) design, but I’m here today to bring you some rather strange news in the handbag world. That’s right, fashion’s own trickster is back with his latest ploy. Is it a sneaker, is it a handbag or is it… both? We’ll let you be the judge.

Balenciaga’s creative director Demna Gvasalia is a big fan of taking the concept of streetwear fashion to its most literal extremes. And if you consider the aforementioned concept, we should have predicted this one given the cult-like success of Balenciaga’s Triple S Sneakers. Now, not only can you wear Gvasalia’s chunky, over-designed sneakers on your feet, but you can carry your belongings in one too.

The new SneakerHead Top Handle bag is a play on one of the brand’s newer silhouettes, the Hourglass, over-designed just like the brand’s unmistakable sneakers. The Top Handle features a mesh body with faux leather overlays and laces on the front and sides of the bag. Plenty of branding is featured throughout, like the Hourglass’ iconic B hangtag as well as BALENCIAGA written in reverse just in case, you know, there was any question as to which designer would release such a bag. Top Handles not your thing? Fear not, because there’s also a crossbody mini version that will hold your phone.

If you’re thinking “who in the hell would spend $2,290 on that?!”, keep thinking hard, because many already have — certain colorways are already listed as out of stock on Balenciaga’s website.


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  1. pinksky777 Avatar

    I just threw up in my mouth

    1. psny15 Avatar

      I just barfed ????

  2. Jenie Avatar

    It’s quirky & I’d buy it for a novelty item, but for no more than $100.00.

  3. Slim Avatar

    Please, make it STOP!

  4. Jaime Avatar

    This is horrible. Its ok to keep sneakers and purses separate. All I see is that ridiculous lace coming untied, getting pulled, fraying…its horrible. Let’s just say they are out of stock to trick people to get them. No way.

  5. Max Brownawell Avatar
    Max Brownawell

    Reminds me of Balenciaga’s ‘Lego’ pumps from 2007

  6. Claudia Long Avatar
    Claudia Long

    I have no words for the F-UGLINESS of this; Demna is seriously trolling us ..

  7. ILP Avatar

    I’m hearing the voice of Phoebe Buffay in my head… “My eyes! MY EYES!!!”

  8. Justice Avatar

    I understand that high-fashion brands turn ugly into beautiful (the chunky sneakers, the 70s prints, the grandma glasses, etc.) until it filters down to mass market brands (and consequently no longer “in” for the fashion elite), but… this is just ugly AF.

  9. Aspen Avatar

    Nothing new. Alexander Wang already did this a decade ago. He did it better too. Not that there’s a right way to do this but I digress…

  10. FashionableLena Avatar

    Not going to lie…I like it. The graphic nature of the black and white one is very cool. I like the play on the Tyrex tennis shoes.
    With that being said, I would not pay that much for a non-leather handbag. It’s cool but not $2300 cool.

  11. totoran Avatar

    They just look like ugly hiking backpacks…

  12. Sibel Avatar

    13 comments and not a single person pointed out the strong stormtrooper vibes the black/white one gives.

    1. Robin Avatar

      Yes! And the black one has Darth Vader vibes.