Balenciaga Giant Lattice City in white/blackThe first version of the Balenciaga Giant Lattice City that I saw was the smaller multicolor version, and let’s just say that my feelings were, at best, mixed. The combination of colors seemed kind of muddled, and the abundance of blue trim sorta took away from the effect of the latticed leather. But today, I stumbled across the black and white version, and my opinion changed immediately. Since the bag is bicolor instead of multicolor, the careful precision with which the leather is woven becomes much more apparent. At first it looks scattered, but if examined closely, there’s an almost-symmetry to the pattern that indicates just how much care was taken when deciding where the bag would change colors. If it had been completely symmetrical, it wouldn’t nearly as interesting to look at, but as it is, I find it almost fascinating. I love the Balenciaga aesthetic in general, and I REALLY love their bags with giant silver hardware, so all of that combined with the intricacy of the black-and-white woven detail really makes me wish I had an extra $2700 laying around. If I did, I’d be all over this. Buy through Barney’s for $2695.

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  • QueenMAB

    It looks very crosswordy, but I would like to see it in person. I could see it being super STUNNING, but it doesn’t strike me as a spring bag.

  • me

    I love this, its beautiful and more interesting than it would have been symmetrical. It really is too bad that few of us have the extra $2700.

  • fashionably broke

    I thought it looks like a crossword purse too, but that’s what interests me about it. It’s not too sophisticated, but more of a casual day to day bag

  • Beth

    This is totally a crossword puzzle! Cute, but not at that price. Are they kidding?

  • MizzJ

    Wow, it’s amazing what a difference a simple color change makes! The other version is just hideous and looks like something I’d get at a craft fair, but this version I can appreciate.

  • Julie

    Yep – straight up crossword puzzle. Where’s a pencil?

  • Sweet Pea

    I agree with everyone, looks like a crossword puzzle…not my style.

  • PurseAddict

    I am not liking the black & white color combo. The Giant City is quite heavy with all oversized hardware. I prefer the Multicolor version.

  • bella

    hey you never announced the winner of the balenciaga contest…

  • holly

    Yeah, when I saw it I was like “crossword bag?!”

  • ping

    I have a versace from almost 10 years ago with the same lattice and it was done better….this makes you a little cross eyed

  • Merve

    As much as i love balenciaga…. i think they have gone a bit trippy with their prices.

  • Jessa B

    I think this bag is striking and would love for it to be mine!

  • divadonna

    A crossword puzzle at this price?!? No thanks…..this is not a bag to span a few seasons which is the new watchword in this economy. If you are going to buy a lattice bag, go for a Bottega; they are the BEST!

  • Mika

    Actually it makes me a little dizzy to look at the pattern…got the same problem with MBMJ interiors (quite the handicap there) – but I agree that it’s much better than the multi-coloured version!! Even though I looked at it in a store just the other day and didn’t find it too bad, if only I had (the money to buy it and) the guts to carry it ;)
    Carftsmanship is superb!!

  • Adrina

    I like this styling,I just bought one from a China supplier-there are fake,but they come to us look like the authentic one,without spending more than 2 thousand,I got my lover bag,the feeling is great.Share with you,,Enyoy your shopping.

  • Petite

    I like the multicolor lattice/woven design more because it’s fun and playful and a great accessory when wearing just jeans and a t-shirt. It’s casual chic and not as serious as the other solid motorcycle bags so it’s perfect for spring/summer and maybe even for fall just to inject some burst of color when wearing those dark blue or grey colors.

  • europehandbag

    I love this, its beautiful and more interesting than it would have been it at only usd 199.50

  • Kendra

    This is so cool! I would so love to have this. I would carry this one around with me everyday. (fb)

  • Kismetjam

    i have this bag and its just so gorgeous! i just love this bag! im lucky to have one! =)