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  • FashionableLena

    Those huge bags look comical. Once you fill them up, you wouldn’t be able to carry them.

    Where’s that Balenciaga edge? Without looking at the title, I thought “Ferragamo”.

    • Sara

      My thoughts exactly. The laundry bags are comical and the buckle is Ferragamo.

    • Blaine

      I thought the same thing!

  • Melissa

    These are awful. You might be able to use those giant bags as a dog carrier or diaper bag but that’s about it.

  • Or

    And hello to you, Celine classic box in slide 2

    • Kate


  • Guest

    Is pic 14 a side view mirror?

    • Misscheng

      Yes! Seems to be a recurring theme with the silver clutch and the car key bracelets too.

    • Yep, and the fingerprint situation is already stressing out, I don’t even own the bag.

  • Sandy

    Recently Balenciaga is producing some amazing shoes but the bags not so much. The structured bags are fine but nothing that sets them apart and the huge bags, no thanks! (Possibly the huge bags are never meant for mass production, one would think).

  • ECooper

    That collectiion was phoned in.

  • jackiequeue

    I totally get that High Fashion is an art & that what you see on the runway isn’t necessarily going to translate (or supposed to translate) into everyday life. But I’ve been amusing myself all day by imagining the reactions I’d get if I dropped a cool $6k (or whatever) to pick up that feather monstrosity in 19 and then just used it as my everyday bag. “Hi honey, can you please come pick me up? I ran to Target to grab some toilet paper & milk and knocked over a small child with my bag. Yes, again. Yes, yes, I KNOW. Anyway, now security is holding me for being a public nuisance,” etc.

    That said, I like #30.

    • Sara


  • Yoshi1296

    Some of the large bazar totes might not be readily available becuase they are made with couture fabrics to match the dresses that the models were wearing. The dresses are couture pieces too and will only be made to order.

  • Casey

    Don’t knock the Bazar tote until you’ve carried one. Nobody is expecting you to fill it to the brim, just put what you need in it, like you would with any other bag. It’s fun and you can look in and literally see everything that’s in there. If I could afford multiples I would do it.

  • Jolene

    is it just me or do the bags look like Celine’s (slide 21 – Celine Ring Bag anyone? and slide 22 – Celine Cabas) and Prada’s (slide 26)?

  • Sparky

    18 looks like a very pretty, very EXPENSIVE plastic net beach bag.
    I don’t go to the kind of beaches where one carries such extravagant beach bags….!

  • Nor Kam

    Like the structured boxy bags.

  • W S M

    Can’t wait to see the official release versions. I don’t like Demna’s work at Balenciaga but I’m interested to see how the accessories translate off the runway.

  • Jen H


  • lulilu

    You can get bags very similar to the “bazaar” bags for a few dollars on Canal St.


    They are absolutely going to be difficult to sell. Firstly, a majority of woman want a zip top. They also need to make the strap drops longer, not everyone is a ultra skinny model. I am certain that he will be replaced. This collection says nothing for the history of the company. We still love the city bag.

  • GreenApple18r

    After I showed him the latest Moschino and Balenciaga shows my little brother said comedy seems like a huge trend in fashion these days.