Sometimes it’s easy to trace a print, material or size trend back to a particular source, but other times, it seems like a bunch of big designers met behind our backs and simply decided all to do the same thing at the same time. Leopard print is too classic and ubiquitous to really be called a “trend,” but for Pre-Fall 2015, it looks like Givenchy and Valentino are both betting that consumers still love it.

These leopard prints are very similar, but different in a few important ways. Givenchy’s is more graphic, which is in line with the brand’s streetwear sensibility. Valentino’s, on the other hand, is more natural-looking, which feels more luxurious. Givenchy’s is also printed on saffiano-textured PVC, while the Valentino version is richly textured calf hair. The prices very much reflect the different materials.

Although Givenchy’s version feels a little younger and more modern, I still prefer the Valentino; I like my animal prints more literal than I like my florals. Check out both options below and let us know which one you like and if you have an all-time favorite version of leopard.

Givenchy Leopard Antigona Shopper Tote
$1,225 via Saks


Valentino My Rockstud Leopard Satchel
$3,595 via Saks



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