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Whether you like it or not, Alexander Wang is bound and determined to make backpacks happen. And if he has his way, golf bags, too. Or, at the very least, leather backpacks so long that they look like they might hold a set of junior-size clubs. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Alexander Wang Spring 2012 Handbags is a collection full of backpacks both great and small.

Those are the kind of bags that I always think surely will never hit retail but always somehow end up in stores anyway. I’m not certain why buyers think anyone but the most hardcore Wang fans want a backpack that goes down to the backs of their knees, but those who do can call the designer’s store to get it. As for the regular-sized backpacks, sign me up immediately.

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  • soleil

    i hope they bring back the jess shopper back…

  • soleil

    oops! sorry for the typo…

  • Jessica

    I love the bags, but the clothes were just so-so. I love Alexander Wang, though.

  • Amna

    this one just so so,compare to the Alexander Wang large Emile Tote Handbag black

  • rose60610

    Not a fan of backpacks. These almost look like golf bags slung over their backs.

  • suz

    Heavy leather back packs in an urban environment are, in reality, really, really inconvenient…unless you are actually backpacking… which case, you would wear one that is light weight and ergomomically designed.

  • TheDecorGirl

    Um, I thought we left this backpack style behind us 20 years ago. Maybe not the best bag for a bad economy when there is more petting crime going on… just a thought

  • Jessy

    I think I wore a backpack for 16 years straight to school. Not sure when I’ll be returning to that type of bag again.

  • turadosapuay

    is this what i saw it in the other page?