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  • Hierophilic

    Deeefinitely passing on this. Not into the gym aesthetic at all.

  • Guest

    I like them…they look durable and easy to clean

  • June


  • Stephanie

    defnite NO

  • Rosa Lily

    Pass. They look heavy empty I could just imagine how much heavier it would feel once it’s full.

  • MAC

    LOVE the gray bag.

  • Tracy

    My mind automatically goes to this place where I don’t want to touch the bottom because it’s dirty…
    Not into it.

  • Jenny

    I look forward to a future Nelly song about this line!

  • farrah

    Designer bags today come in 3 styles either “inspired” by Celine, Hermes, or Valentino studtasticity. In a sea of copycat, overpriced minimalist designer bags, it’s refreshing to see a designer make something that is highly original, fun, and still true to his identity.

  • moneytruck

    I will give him the originality, but they are horrifyingly ugly! I almost feel like if you open one, it will smell like sweaty gym shoes inside. Yuck!

  • Carla

    The design is quite original and fitting to the brand’s aesthetic. This will probably be more popular with the street style crowd. I find the top handle bags adorable, though they are not something I would purchase.

  • Lisa

    Seems like he is riding on the chanel sneaker bandwagon from winter 2014.

  • Dani

    Almost looks like he could have collaborated with Nike in the same way Givenchy did recently. The bags could be cute on people who wear urban fashion well, a la Rihanna in a pair of Jordans. 5,6,10 match the right pair of Jordans perfectly. But beyond that…

  • Aliza Zibkoff

    I don’t have suede bags and even less would I have suede sneakers. Way TOO dirty. I know, they made it in grey so it won’t show the smears but even still it would only take two seconds to look grimy. PASS.