After Alexander McQueen’s death, one of the ways many people reacted was shock followed by wanting to buy a piece from one of his last collections. The Skull Clutch is an iconic McQueen bag and all of the websites that previously had them in stock sold out within hours.

Saks just stocked a few new McQueen bags, one being the Alexander McQueen Stringray Print Skull Clutch. The clutch is on pre-order right now, with a shipment date of the end of July. In fact this clutch popped up a couple weeks ago with a much earlier shipment date, but was sold out quickly and the shipment date changed. The black/silver stingray print adorns the outside of the classic clutch with a skull clasp closure and purple lining. Pre-order through Saks for $1,175.

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  • Style Revolution

    That bag ROCKS!

  • I have one of these on the way, thanks to the most lovely bosses in the history of ever ;-)

  • Cheryl

    Did you take a look at his Zipper & Skull Sandals? To bad they only come in Gold. I love the clutch. McQueen was a amazing designer.

  • Fiona-Brazil

    A winner!!

  • Mochababe73

    I have always liked his clutches with the skull. It’s amazing to see some bloggers (get on many-not pointing any fingers to anyone) change their minds about the skulls. Some were saying that it was played out, and he should move on. Now, that he’s dead, everyone is clamoring for his things.

    • Well we all know you can’t be talking about me since I was mostly pissing everyone off with my unending McQueen fangirlism before he died, lol. A lot of people have jumped the bandwagon, but if it brings more attention to what a genius he was, then let ’em jump. They know who they are.

  • Kendra

    So elegant. I want one. (fb)

  • Elyse

    incredible finish on the bag. The stingray is gorgeous (fb)

  • Kathryn

    ooh la la! loving the skull! (fb)

  • Jocelyn

    Wow! I like this :D

    Tag for Linea Pelle (fb)

  • Joy

    not a fan of the skull looks too scary for me
    but loving everything else and mcqueen
    rip mcqueen

  • Adrienne Zedella

    not for me (fb)

  • Adrienne Zedella

    pick me! (fb)

  • Claire Bear

    I love this lil number and I can say it goes with everything :-) !