louis vuitton cornelia ankle bootThere comes a time in every woman’s life where you throw reason out the window and just decide to go for it! For some women this might be deciding to date a certain man, or accept a job offer. In my case it is these shoes, the Louis Vuitton Cornelia Ankle Boot. These are not your Mom’s frumpy ankle boots from the 1980s, these are simply divine works of art. Immediately upon seeing these boots the pleasure center of my brain completely overtook the sensible part of my brain and screamed out in pure shoe fetish ecstasy. Made of croc-stamped patent leather with a feminine rounded toe and a killer 4.75″ stacked heel, these exquisite boots just scream out ‘BUY ME’! These are the kind of shoes that can make any outfit look out of this world. At a mere $1,090 we should all be running out to buy a pair. Or if you have a little more spare cash available then buy them in both available colors, grenat and black.

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  • william

    I fail to see the appeal of these. I don’t like the heel, the shape itself, or the foldover detail. It looks universally unflattering.

  • i like these. especially being 5’1, this style will definitely give me some height. The heels are not too chunky or skinny, i can definitely do lots of walking in them.

  • Chi

    the heels look quiet ugly to me, a weird shape, as for the rest… I don’t know need more pictures :razz:

  • Naggy

    Not bad, but not exactly appealing either. The quilted part is what bothers me the most. (ipad)