prada pencil case

Still looking for the gift that keeps on giving? Your children may be in school, may be asking for designer goods, and may be day dreaming of the latest Prada bag. Stuff their stocking with the Prada Pencil Case which is designed with red leather and gold hardware and comes with two designer pencils. This way, while the professor is rambling on about bull and bear markets, your child can be secretly enjoying their designer case. Really, it may be more distracting than anything else to the younger crowd, but to those that have school discipline it is perfect. Also great for a colleague or any Prada lover out there! Inquire at your local Prada boutique; price $205.

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  • MizzJ

    Wow, that is the nicest pencil bag ever! No way would I stick pencils in that thing – you’d get lead marks everywhere!

  • MissLoveChanel

    I wish I knew what the inside looked like. It might make a nice makeup bag or something. I have no need for a pencil case.

  • Liza

    This is the coolest accessory. I bought it as a grad school present to myself. The one I have has 3 pencils. On the inside it is just three loops to hold the pencils in place. What I like about it is that 1. it is flat so it doesn’t take up much space. 2. to the comment about lead marks, since you have to slide the pencils into the looks, it really cuts down on the marks on the inside.

    will say that i had a hard time finding this pencil case in the us. I purchased mine at the Prada Store in Hong Kong.

  • Berta

    I want it! but I didn’t see it in Russia

  • ashley

    ive got 3 in 3 different colours red, black, and pink there so cool my daddy got it for me on my 12th b-day yay me!!!!

  • dell

    OMG! thats so stupid ur only 12 and ur DADDY bought 3! of the same pencil cases 4 u he spent over $600 4 u ur so spoilt!!!!! he is proberly in det because of ur silly prada pencil case u people make me sick what r u going to do with it anyway if it was my daughter she wouldnt take it to school she will keep it in the box forever and never take it out. ur so stupid

  • sesca

    OMG! thats so stupid ur only 12 and ur DADDY bought 3! of the same pencil cases 4 u he spent over $600 4 u ur so spoilt!!!!! he is proberly in det

  • mina

    goodness.. dont hate.. im glad ! i hope u enjoy ur pencil case i got 2 of them = ]

    • fashionista

      That,s really just going overboard now
      Rich ppl.
      Do you know how muck you can do with $600?
      -I guess not!

  • ashley

    well that was money well spent! $600 is nothin 4 3 pencil cases ive spent more on a tiffany hair band :smile:

  • matt

    Lol, stupid freaks, who the well does that, sppoilt. Freaks :mrgreen:

    an shud i say saddos!

    • ashley

      ur just jealous

  • leah

    no is is jealous its just a lot for a little pencil case does it matter if it is designer or not its just most people get pencil cases for about £5-£10

  • Jessica

    well guess what..i wipe my ass with prada :)

  • Naggy

    Okay, this is what a lot of my bags cost at most on a heavy discount; that leaves no room for a pencil case. (ipad)