LV Hair CubesWhile you are reading this, I’ll be sitting on an airplane with a numb arse eating my peanuts and wondering how much longer the 9 hour flight will be. You can instead enjoy the comfort of your home/office/wherever and admire this set of two hair cubes. Ah yes. The Louis Vuitton Hair Cubes Strass is proving to us that hair scrunchies and hair ties are soo HOT! You can choose from a set of Pink/blue or Brown/beige. I bet this is what you all have been dreaming about. Lucky us, they are finally here. Unfortunately, I will not be buying these. These cubes remind me of the car dice that hang from the rear view window- and that is a bad thing! Right now there is no word on the pricing- but if you really want to inquire just call your local LV boutique or check them out online. Actually when I think about it again, these could possibly be pulled off by some girls (or guys :-) ), but I’m not sure if I can see that person being me.

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  • Roy



  • jenny

    The price is $220 per set =>

    The hair cubes were also made in pink and yellow, both with gold symbols/monogram “floating” inside, for the Spring 2005 inclusion line.

  • Kay

    Are you kidding me? $220 per set! Damn, they’re cute and all. But I sure as hell would not buy those hair cubes strass and put them in my kids hair. If they are going anywhere, they are going to sit on my dresser and look nice all by themselves. AND they better do more than just hold your hair up for $220 per set.

  • ginny

    dont tell me those things are actually comiing back in….ewww

  • billyjoe

    But they’re so cute!

  • jenny

    Kay, I heard that they don’t even hold your hair up! I heard that you have to tie your hair with an elastic and then the LV haircubes are just decoration =/

  • Gina

    Arrghh! You’ve got to be kidding me! These look awful with their pink and blue combination and the price just makes it worse.

  • madeline

    they r awesome! i want them :P
    bloody expensive tho

  • kennedy

    I have the brown pair and love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I always get alot of comments on them, they are much prettier in person.

  • preppygurl

    i like it but , i dont think i would put them in my hair.

  • Em

    yeah cute….if your like 2…i remember using these when i was like in kindergarten…wicked hard to work with…thumbs down louis

  • Rosie

    aww theya are so cute I would wear them anyday!!

  • brooke

    how do you buy the hair cubes?

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  • little ole me

    The cubes are cute but they dont give you anough elastic to wrap around if you have long hair

  • Cali

    Whoa. Well, what can you expect, they’re LV. May I please borrow the picture for my blog? :grin:

  • Mz Lyricall..

    Raah These Hair Cubbes Are Siik!! :razz:

    Have You Lot Got This In Black?!..


  • Naggy

    I don’t see a design here? (ipad)

  • KY

    Wow do people buy these? (ipad)