Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Accessories Pouch In the summer most of us are wearing much less and bearing more skin. So while wearing your tight jeans, mini skirts, tank tops, why not wear a smaller bag too? I would highly advise wearing a smaller bag if you have an outfit and a body that you want to call attention to :wink: . For summer, I am in love with the Louis Vuitton Damier Azur line, it is light and fresh and perfect for the preppy chic gals out there. Perfect size and perfectly cute, the Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Accessories Pouch could be the summer accessory you have been searching for. The size is ideal (8″ x 5″), the canvas is perfect, the golden brass hardware compliments, and the removable leather strap makes it easy to carry. I’m in love, and the price point is perfect, just under $300. Buy this piece of perfect-summer-goodness at eLuxury’s exclusive LV boutique.

And if you are in South Florida, head over to LV Bal Harbour! The lovely staff will hook you up and the Azur line is spot-on for a South Florida guy or gal! :grin:

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  • Christy

    :eek: :eek: I agree! I am going to get the speedy 30 in this style! I love the grey and beige together! Deff drool worthy!

    • na23

      hi christy….. i juz bot mine hahaha

  • Mchelly

    I have this same pouch and its so comfortable and cute with a summer dress it feels like your not even carrying a bag :cool:

  • Margarita

    Hmm…deciding between this or a Mono mini sac for my first LV purchase… :lol:

  • mimosasky

    the devil wears parda this is the new film and how do you think of it?


  • Pernille

    I have this one in the smaller size, mini pochette accessories damier azur, i like that better because you carry it in a gold chain, that dosen’t get brown (which i don’t think will look good on a light bag)… but it is about half the size of this one.. you can have a couple of creditcards, cellphone and lipconditioner in it, that’s about it….

    For the summer epi leather ivory, monogram denim and multicolour white is hot too!!!

  • Mal

    Wow I usually hate the Damier pattern! but in something so small it’s really adorable! I’d carry that in a heart beat!

  • Spacekat

    you’re all full of shit falling for this crap. who the fuck is louis vuitton? talk about being brainwashed by the designer elite. would I buy a bag if I had the cash? Not on your life.

  • Spacekat

    Decisions decisions, should one purchase the blah blah or should one purchase the blah blah blah? Mmmm? What about the starving thousands in the world? What about climate change, what about the so-called war on terror, what about Bush whacker and his screwed up foreign policy concerning the iraq war? what about the fact that all these things will one day be effecting YOU – and when they do, Louis Vuittin handbags are the last thing you’ll be thinking of. Why are there so many brainwashed people in this world? Brainwashed by consumerism and capitalism to provide these evil corporations with exactly what they want – control – control to manipulate you, use your information, track your consumer habits, tap into your materialistic self-importance and screw you for every penny you got? You are all shallow, fickle dizzy little bimbos without substance. Come on, wake up, smell the fucking coffee and stop wasting your energy on shit like this. There sre much more important issues in the world to be discussing than Louis fucking Vuitton.

    • kelly

      if you don’t like it then get the hell out of here. the purse blog/forum is a place where people come because we all share the same love for something. people are entitled to spend their money on whatever they want. don’t come back, your nasty comments aren’t welcome here.

      stupid liberals.

  • Erica

    hmm should i buy the mini pochette acessories or the bigger size one? such a hard decision…i should just by both! since i have a shipping a make up sent to me anyways hahha

  • mr. hula

    A recent visit to the LV factory in San Dimas California revealed that LV offers many american woman (and men) a decent job in a well lit, heated, cooled building, with a lunch break, a pay check and health benifits. The woman I met were happy, healthy and said they like their job most of the time. The cost of such a product reflects this fact. LV produces a product that will last a life time. I say ladies love your bags! Hey we are helping the economy, keeping american people employed. Angery liberals and conseratives will unfortunatly always see the negitives in any case, and they will always have a crappy bag. :mrgreen:

    • Heidi Christ

      I live 3 miles from San Dimas and i’m curious to where the factory is at and how to contact them to work for them, thanks, Heidi i don’t know how this site works, do i have to check back on this site to get a message? or does is come to my regular email??

  • amelia

    If you show so much concern regarding climate change, war, starving thousands, etc, then why would you be wasting your precious time looking at these handbag sites???

  • Susana

    I LOVE these purse blogs, and I LOVE my LVs (thought they are not the only things I care about) – I come to blogs like this to take a break from the seriousness in the world and my life. So what’s wrong with that? Once I take my tour through these blogs and finish fussing over my frivolous, expensive little bags, I feel recharged – and then I go back to my real world and do real things that help the economy and help our country, and our world. Purseblog haters, or whatever haters, should really evaluate themselves first before passing judgement. What have the haters done lately? for the starvation of the world? :mrgreen:

  • Naggy

    Some how the more corners you have, the more design you’re cutting? (ipad)