Louis Vuitton Cigarette Case

Personally, I despise smoking. Most of that may be because it makes my clothes reek and I can not breathe when I am around it. I am an asthmatic so smoking is the last thing on my mind. But by golly if you are going to smoke, at least carry your ciggs in style! For yet another Pointless Post, I bring you the Louis Vuitton Cigarette Case. Seriously how much more chic could you be? Why not whip out your cig from the classic LV Monogram canvas with coordinating brown leather lining and a flap closure. If I were to buy this case, I would stick some of those pieces of gum made to look like cigarettes in it right in there. Ha. Measuring 2.5″ L x 4.5″ H, this elegant accessory would make the people at Truth just squirm. But whatever floats your boat. Buy it through eLuxury for $165.


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