Louis Vuitton Charms

If you are a true accessory lover, you can always accessorize an accessory. I love the idea of a charm hanging from my bag. Of course, I meticulously pick and choose which bag can be accessorized without looking silly. No need to go over the top and take the focus off of the bag. Louis Vuitton offers amazing charms at amazing prices. By amazing, I mean ridiculously expensive. At first glance, both the Louis Vuitton Heart Locket Monogram Charm and the Louis Vuitton Round Flower Charm are eye catching and effuse a feeling of femininity. The Heart Locket Charm is designed with white gold and shows off a bow on top of the stunning LV engraved locket. The Round Flower Charm is also made with white gold but features four pink tourmaline crystals. Both could be used to accent one of your favorite bags and both cost more than many bags. The locket is $1380 while the flower is $1650. Gorgeous just not that gorgeous. Buy via eLuxury’s Louis Vuitton boutique.

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  • absolutanne

    :???: How are these things $1650?? White gold is just another name for lower grade gold. If it weren’t for the crooky ‘LV’ engraving, the locket and the flower look like things you can get at Claire’s!! I’m dissappointed in LV more than ever.

  • Joan Brakeley

    that’s a “never mind”

  • Alexia

    i can live without them!
    …thanks anyway LV

  • Otter

    Uh inspired by — Claires Accessories?

  • Mikaa

    agreed with everyone (points up ^)
    goshh, i wouldn’t spend that much on just a KEYCHAIN.

  • kimmee1969

    I like them *shrug* they cute and very girly…. but cute enough for $1600? I don’t think I’d be that fond of them.

  • Ken Smith

    White gold doesn’t mean cheap gold! White gold is gold that has been dipped in Rhodium. It could be 24k pure gold dipped in Rhodium and made “White”. In addition Rhodium is 4 times per ounce the price of gold!

    That said, LV is way over priced!!!

  • Naggy

    I love the look of white gold, but these designs need to go. (ipad)